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Camping In The High Wilderness

Camping in the high wilderness areas can be both delightful and challenging. There are so many things to consider when camping in the high wilderness. If your plan is to get into the high wilderness areas you will have to plan a safe route to get there and how to stay safe while you are camping ther…

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Camping for Relaxation

Camping can be a very relaxing and therapeutic way to spend some time away from mundane tasks and the worries of everyday life. Camping is an excellent way to clear your mind and express your quieter side. Try camping to learn more of your spiritual or inner self.

In the fast paced world in which w…

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Winter Camping By Tent

Winter time can be a fun and challenging time for the camping enthusiast. Winter camping provides new experiences and new challenges that you will grow to love. A couple ways to experience camping in the winter is to pack all your warmest down gear, a quality tent and plenty of camping food.

If y…

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Camping Injuries

With all the activities that take place on camping trips it’s important to be prepared for an accident. The best investment into your camping trip that you can make is an investment into first aid knowledge. Here are a few pointers to get you started.

Hiking is a common camping activity and it pre…

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Astronomy and Camping

One of the highlights of camping has long been the much loved pastime of stargazing. Today camping has become one of the only ways to get a clear look at the heavens. Light pollution from cities has made it impossible to stargaze from the backyards of most homes. The next time you go camping, make s…

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Family Reunion Camping

Family reunions are a fun annual tradition. They are a time for everyone to come together for a few days and catch up, relax, and enjoy quality time with the family. One great way to host a family reunion is by having a camping trip. Camping is a great option, especially for larger families, and ens…

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Dutch Oven Camping

Camping presents an opportunity to try new things and have new experiences. Many people who go camping rely on hot dogs or freeze dried food for meals. It seems that camping is synonymous with bad food. However, there is a way to eat great, even gourmet, food while camping and it’s through a Dutch …

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Camping Date

Camping can be a very fun and romantic date. If you want to go on an original date that is going to impress, then you should give camping a try. Here are a few tips and things to think about when planning a camping date.

The way in which you start off your day while camping will have a lasting effe…

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Fitness Camping

Camping can be a great opportunity to get some fitness time in. Sometime we need to go camping in order to focus on our health the way we should. The distractions of everyday life often leave us eating junk food and counting the walk from the car to the office as our daily exercise. It can be diffic…

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Camping First Aid

Accidents happen even on the most well planned camping trips. You need to not only plan to avoid accidents, but you also need to plan on how to handle them if and when they arise while camping. The important thing is to remember to remain calm. The worse thing you can do is panic. You need to keep a…