Securing a Car Stereo

Security Tips For Car Stereos

It’s an unfortunate fact that oftentimes the cars with the best stereos are the targets for thieves. While it’s never totally possible to avoid theft 100 percent of the time, there are things motorists can do to protect their cars and their stereo systems from thos…

Importance of Radio in a Car Stereo

The Radio Makes A Car Stereo

Anyone in the market to find the best car stereo knows the options available are more than plentiful. With makers coming from around the globe, and prices ranging from affordable to out of this world, finding the right one can be difficult.

There are four basic par…

Better Speakers for your Car Stereo

Upgrading A Car’s Speaker System

A good car stereo system can be a joy for a driver. Some drivers might prefer the sounds of the road, but others feel more relaxed and alert behind the wheel when their favorite music is playing in the background or local traffic reports are piped into the vehicl…

Using Car Radio Presets

Presets On Car Radios Are Important

Studies show that singing while driving is actually a good practice. Fantastic for keeping drivers awake and alert, the only complication of the matter comes in when a driver can’t find a tune he or she likes to sing along with.

This is where a good car ste…

Getting a DVD Player for Your Car

DVD Players Add To Car Stereo Experience

It might seem like a luxury to some, but for parents who have gone on long car trips with the little ones, a DVD player in the car is almost a necessity. There are few things that can distract the youngsters from the confinement of the road like a good mov…

Listening to Music on the Road

Using A Car Stereo Smartly While Driving

Listening to music on the road is a great way to take some of the pressure of driving off the driver. Studies even back up the fact that singing while the car eats up miles of road can help keep a driver alert and awake. Unfortunately, if singing were all …

What Makes a Good Car Stereo

Some Car Stereos Are Better Than Others

Whether it costs $100 or $1,000 a good car stereo system isn’t good unless the listener is happy with the end results. If the music doesn’t “sound right,” even a high-end system can be classified as junk by the listener.

For drivers who like to liste…

Choosing CD or Cassette Players

Car Stereo Choices: Cassette Or CD

Making the choice to upgrade a car stereo system from the stock model that’s included in most cars is something many motorists choose to do. The problem people who aren’t familiar with electronics soon run into is deciding what gadgets and perks to get and whi…