Choosing Between Assisted Living ALF and Nursing Home

There are aged people that dread ever going into a nursing home. This is because they are going to forfeit their independence and freedom. There is not going to be any privacy again.

The alternative to nursing home is Assisted Living Facilities, popularly known as ALF. These facilities are for …

Information on Human Growth Hormones

what is Human Growth Hormone (HGH), and is it dangerous?

I wonder if you know what hormones are. They are simply tiny chemical messengers that help our bodies to do different tasks. They are produced by the endocrine glands and then set all over the body to stimulate certain activities. The sudde…

What Causes the Symptoms of Aging

What causes us to age? What causes wrinkles, gray hair, loss of libido, weight gain, and other signs of aging?

If Ponce de Leon had succeeded in his self-commissioned voyage of discovering the “fountain of youth” this piece wouldn’t have been necessary.

Also, if there was somehow a drug that…

Anti-Aging Advice

Anti aging advice

As long as the sun rises and sets, so will people continue to grow and age. Everyday your body produces new cells, and everyday old cells die off. But age mostly happens when the death rate of the old cells outstrips the production of new cells- leading to lack of balance… and u…

DHEA Effect on Aging

What is DHEA and how does it help with anti-aging?

I understand how it feels when you look at the mirror…

The face that stares back at you looks like your mum or aunt, right?

Well, it previously also happen to me too… all the time. It got to a point that I didn’t like looking at the mi…

What is Botox and Botulinum

What is Botox and is it dangerous?

The first time I read about Botox, two things happened to me. First, I frowned my face… but gradually as I read on, the sense in it all then dawned on me.

I am sure you will feel the same thing too if this is your first time of reading about Botox.


Anti-Oxidant and Free Radicals Effect on Aging

Anti-oxidants and free radicals and how they relate to anti-aging

The term anti-oxidant to the food chemist denotes chemicals that are used to retard food spoilage process. To a health practitioner it can also denote an anti spoilage agent.

Basically, anti oxidants refer to the activity inhere…

Discover The Benefits Of Seniors Exercise

For the elderly, exercise is not just about looking good but is also important for living a longer, healthier life. The idea behind seniors exercise is to keep it simple, flowing and safe for everyone of all fitness levels. As long as you get the all clear from your doctor, seniors, start exercising straight away at least five times a week.