Catch Your Partner Cheating Today!

You see, a cheater needs to communicate with their lover, and the cell phone is the link that connects them.

If you are able to intercept and analyze this resource you are well on your way in catching your spouse or loved one in their cheating escapades.
Chances are your love one will use the cell phone to make calls to their lover when they are away and out of your presence.

As their affair progresses, calls become more frequent, and if you are on top of your game you will start to catch on to this.

Catch them with their cell phone:

1. We are living in a lazy society, so there is a very good chance that your loved one has his/her lover stored under a friend’s name or quite possibly someone of the same sex in their phone.
Pay attention! Who is that friend that called in the wee hours on a week night? “Oh that’s just Scotty”, or was it? Make mental notes (you may even write it down when you get a chance) so that you can piece together the times these calls are coming in.

2. Is your loved one getting a lot of private or no id calls? This is a very telling sign if there seems to be some consistency in the times these calls are coming in. They will have made arrangements as to when they should call each other. So this may be late at night when your partner goes out for his routine run to the convenient store. These are the times that you will occasionally check his phone, when you have a chance of course.

3. If you mate is carrying on a physical relationship with someone else, they will need some “get away” time. You will to be deliberate on calling your mate at specific times. You see, the cheating mate will usually call to tell you there “get away story”. This will be the, “I’m working late” bit or similar story. After they make that initial call, they now think they have a window period to be with their lover. Your deliberate call backs will be to see if they answer. If you are consistently getting the no answer 10 minutes after you just spoke to them and you do not get a call back for hours on end, this is also a very telling sign. They have already committed to seeing their lover, so the phone goes unanswered with a call back hours later.

4. It’s been reported that many cheating partners will invest in a “down low” phone that they will keep hidden to make their secret calls. A good place to look for this “creep” phone is in your loved ones car. If this phone does exist, the picture is getting clearer. 5. Still think your spouse is cheating, but just not sure and don’t want to be wrong. With today’s technology you can purchase cell phone monitoring programs that will remain undetected on your loved ones phone while sending you all the phones activity to a special website. One of these programs in particular is Flexispy.

If you aware of your loved ones cell phone activity, you will usually get a fair picture of what is really going on. At that point, you will need to decide in which direction you want to proceed with your relationship.

You may decide to use your new found information to get out of a relationship that you always wanted to but couldn’t or you can become actively involved in saving your relationship that you truly cherish.

Either way there will be a challenge ahead of you before you will truly be happy again in a relationship. There are infidelity counselors and advisors that are available to get you through your situation, so you are not alone!

Good luck and be sure to come back for more signs of a cheater.