Cars on Craigslist

Craigslist has always been an anachronism, especially in this day and age of swoopy Flash presentations and websites so slick you can skate on them. This is one popular site that has resisted all the efforts to get into the 21st century and maintained a spartan, 1995-type of presentation which looks and feels dated and clunky.

The reason that keeps people going back to craigslist is that there are some real jewels to be found if you dig deep enough. Craigslist seems to attract the type of seller who needs money NOW so the listings tend to be lower priced than you would find in the local paper, on the bulletin board, or on big auction sites like eBay. And of course, anyone with a pulse knows that when you’re buying a used car off a lot, you’re paying twice what the vehicle is worth.

However, the unwillingness to bring craigslist up to date is the very factor that makes the site a complete pain to use. Craigslist is a great place to pick up a used car well below Blue Book pricing, but the automotive comparison shopping takes way more time and effort than it should, and when you’re done, you always figure that you missed out on the best wheels.

That’s where comes in. This site painstakingly does all the work for you, by meticulously combing through the automotive postings in all 22 of craigslist’s biggest U.S. metros and compiles the entire list into a coherent database which can be viewed on a single page.

For the first time ever, you can now just scroll down and read all the pertinent information about every car craigslist has listed in your city, complete with price, mileage, date, model year, date listed and whether or not the posting includes a phone number. All you need to do is click on the posting’s title and you immediately go to that particular craigslist page to read the entire listing.

At the bottom of every list page, there is a simple and handy search function which allows you to specify year, price, mileage and keywords, so if you’re looking for that low mileage original 1971 Hemi Cuda for under $5000 you can focus in like a laser beam and not have to scan down the list by hand.

Craigslist has no real fixed format, which has kept any coherent database like this from being attempted before. Although is extremely effective in mining out the data and presenting it in a logical and easy to read manner, saving you hours of searching, it cannot possibly be 100% accurate. However, the degree of accuracy is still very high and impressive and the occasional error is easy to overlook when you click on the title and read that actual listing to get the facts straight. should be complimented in bringing order to craigschaos. The site is clear, simple and effective and even echoes the rudimentary simplicity of craigslist’s own prehistoric HTML to keep seasoned craigslisters from suffering “website shock”!