Caring For Your Silver Jewelry

Who wouldn’t like to keep silver jewelry sparkling? Caring for your silver jewelry is not all that tough. Have you ever thought about the various ways in which you can care for your silver jewelry? Well, if you have not seriously thought about it, it must have definitely crossed your mind at some point in time. It is not all that complex, all you have to do is keep it as dry as you can. Silver by itself gets discolored gradually. There are a few jewelers that refer to the tarnish as patina. The tarnishing takes place when copper is added to the alloy. You must have heard of sterling silver, well it consists of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. Did you know that copper oxidizes rather easily when it is out in the open, in damp surroundings? If it would have been a ferrous metal that contained iron, this would be referred to as rusting. There are quite a few methods to make the process of tarnishing of your sterling silver a little slower. You cannot do away with it all at once, unless you opt for a coating of rhodium. Rhodium is an extremely non-reactive metal in the platinum category. Moreover, as a matter of fact a few producers of sterling silver jewelry at present are providing designs that are rhodium plated. In addition, there are quite a few new alloys of silver that discolor in a slower process. One of the alloys is Argentium Sterling Silver. This Argentium Sterling Silver has had a little bit of the copper substituted with germanium. Moreover, it is resistant to scratches to a certain extent. Just in case you do have your usual, garden range sterling silver there are a few things that you have to consider. You could keep your jewelry in a bag that has a zip lock. Get accustomed to save the loose small silica gel packets that appear in vitamin additions as well as in the pockets of garments to soak up the dampness. Add one of these to the bag that contains your jewelry. In addition, you could even buy anti-tarnish strips that you could put inside the bag. Furthermore, there is polishing material available that helps in removing tarnish. You can buy one of these materials and clean your sterling silver jewelry with it as soon as you bring it home. You may be shocked to see the amount of tarnish your silver has already collected. You must wear your jewelry only after you have finished applying cream, hairspray and perfume. After you have applied these, wait for a while for them to dry. Your jewelry should not come in contact with the chemicals that are in the creams, hair sprays and perfumes. Take your jewelry out when you go to wash your hands, wash the dishes or go in to have a bath. If you look after you silver jewelry and care for it, it would make you look gorgeous for a very long time.