Caring for Hands

Hands play an important role in communication and most visible parts of you, but they also take a lot of abuse.Your hands are probably on view a lot more often than you realize. Hands tell you how you lead your life and how you take care of your body and skin. Take good care of your hands. The skin on the backs of your hands has few oil glands so it shrivels and chaps easily upon exposure especially around the joints. Protect skin with gloves in winters and use moisturizer and sunscreen all year round. Moisturize your hands at least four times a day. Wear rubber gloves while working at home and in the garden. Protect and prevent your hands from aging and abuse. Protect your hands from the ravages of changing weather.

Always use gloves for washing clothes and utensils soak hands in a bowl of warm water to which 1 tsp of corn starch has been added for 5 minutes daily after finishing the house-hold chores. Use hand cream often and keep a bottle of it every where you visit frequently such as bathroom or vanity, kitchen and bedroom. Mix glycerin, lemon juice and a few drops of rose water and use it to massage your hands every other day. Exfoliate the hands at least once a week with a nice face exfoliater. One can also use weekly the night face cream on the hands before going to bed. For soft and beautiful hands, apply Vaseline or any other good moisturizer before going to bed. Hand exercise not only stimulates proper circulation, it also helps in maintaining the perfect shape of hand and fingers.

Finger is also part of your hand. finger massage is using four fingers from the opposite hand, start at the top of the finger and knead your way down to the tip of each finger. A paraffin bath which heats therapy for hands relief from muscle tension, and moisturizes dry hands can be really good. Hand care is something that you can do at home. The best way to take care of your hands is use our hands to do all the work in and outside the house many of us pay very little attention to taking care of them. If one is having dry skin, then one should scrub the hands under lukewarm salt water. It is an effective home exfoliater for dry skin hands. After scrubbing, massage the hands with a good moisturizer.