Caring for Chemically Treated Hair

It’s a simple fact of hairstyling that the more involved the do is with chemicals and heating, the more likely it is for hair to break or become damaged. Even after the chemical process is completed, hair that’s been treated will require some tender, loving care to remain looking good.

Whether it’s a perm, a color treatment or straightening, the chemicals used on hair can leave it in a condition that’s not exactly the best. Hot rollers, irons and curlers, too, can dry out the hair shafts and lead to breaking, cracking and a damaged mess. This means the desired look will be much different than the one attained, so it’s important to treat hair with TLC for the best results.

Avoiding broken and split ends entirely might not be possible, but ensuring the overall look is healthy and shiny can be achieved with a little work. Here’s how:

* Don’t go for a processing job unless the hair’s in good condition. This means getting split ends cut off regularly, using the right shampoo and conditioner to maintain hair heath and avoiding overdoing hair processing.
* Use the right hair products for your hair before the chemical or heating process is performed. This means dry hair shampoo for those with dry hair; normal for those with normal and so on. This is important for both shampoo and conditioner to ensure the hair is treated well before its “abused” during the chemical process.
* Don’t get the job done if the stylist says your hair isn’t ready. Over-perming or coloring can create some serious damage. It’s best to follow advice here.
* Once the process has been done, use products designed for chemically treated hair. These are meant to help compensate for any damage caused by the process and will help keep hair strong, shiny and healthy.
* Do go for maintenance cuts. Getting rid of split ends when they appear is smart. Waiting can result in damage further up the hair shaft, which means a shorter than desired cut might be needed to remedy damage. Your stylist should be able to recommend how often to come in for trims. For some people it’s every few weeks; others might be able to go a month or two in between trims.

Chemically treated hair has been altered from its original style in more than appearance. Treating it correctly before and after a styling job is important. Use those products designed to help and you should be happy with the resulting look.