Caring for a Skateboard

When any person decides to take out the old skateboard out of the garage to give it a spin, he would remember to see if the skateboard is functioning properly. Not that it just rolls on the road, but there are more things than just the deck and wheels to just leave it to collect dust when bored.

Like any vehicle with wheels, skateboards require proper maintenance to ensure safety and care for both rider and skateboard. It may not be much, just a few minutes before taking the skateboard for a few tricks, but it beats having to be sent to the hospital because the wheel just got loose and end up falling face first to a ravine.

Decks can last as long as the multiple ply can hold, since it’s glued and laminated together to create a more rigid body. Cracks on the deck itself are not uncommon, and would mean a new deck has to be replaced. There are no easy fixes or gimmicks for decks, as it can be as fragile once a small crack is already visible, especially if the crack itself was covered by the grip tape so it would be best to have it replaced. At least there is an excuse to get a new deck with new graphics to drool over.

The wheels are susceptible to wear and irregularities so much like riding a car on its rims only. They have a tendency to get bent out of shape, even in the smallest miniscule that would cause frequent crashes. Better to replace the wheels as often when it does wear.

Trucks and the nuts and bolts that holds it in place can be a major hazard if overlooked. Like anything that requires screw tightening, they fall prey from vibrations, bumps, grinds and anything that would shake the truck in pieces. Best handled by tightening the bolts and adding some lubrication in the bearings for better operation.

As for the grip tape, since the stuff can be as tough as duct tape, it would be almost impossible to remove unless it takes the first layer with it, ending the deck’s life. Brushing the grip tape would work best with some soap and water would help to return some of the grip on the tape.

These simple tasks may seem menial for a lot of amateur skateboarders, but it would be better than getting a cast on any part of the body.