Caring for a Cockatiel

Daily Care for a Cockatiel

Having a clean environment for your cockatiel is extremely important for good health. Cockatiels living in a dirty cage are able to contract diseases and illnesses from mold and waste. Cockatiels are messy birds, so keep up on cleaning. In order to keep your cockatiel’s cage spotless, it will needed cleaned out every day.

In the morning, you will need to remove the sheet draped over the cage at night. It is best to keep a sheet over the cage, so they have enough darkness and sleep time. This will also help to keep an early whistler quite for a few more hours. Check all the water dishes immediately to see if any waste or food particles have ventured there way into the dishes. Never place water dishes on the bottom of the cage because it will become contaminated with waste quickly. Once you have checked the water dishes, take a look at the food dishes as well. Make sure if you feed your birds some seed, that it is not full of empty husks. A quick glance at the food dish may have you think it is full. Replenish all food dishes.

Check each bird in the morning for signs of blood or broken feathers. Since cockatiels are prone to night frights. It is extremely important to check the bird each day. Many times this is how you catch a serious cut or broken feather.

If you have time in the morning, then remove the bottom tray and replace the newspaper or whatever you use to catch their waste. Newspaper is the cheapest and is safe for the cockatiel. Do a thorough wipe down of this tray because mold and bacteria can fester on this causing harm to your cockatiel. It is best to wipe it down with disinfectant, but never do this around the bird. Fumes from household cleaners can be toxic to your cockatiel.

At night it is good to recheck the water and food dishes for waste contamination. Also take a peek at their toys for any signs of broken plastic. Remove toys that are worn or broken immediately. Replace with new toys whenever possible, so your cockatiel does not become bored with his surroundings.

Cleaning out your cockatiel’s cage daily will alleviate the hassle of picking up a huge mess. It will also help to keep your house less filled with dander and waste particles. Your cockatiel will thank you for a clean home and remember to always play with your cockatiel. Give him at least an hour out of his cage to exercise his legs and wings.