Caribbean Cruises and Picky Eaters

Picky Eaters Thrive On Caribbean Cruises

For those who steer clear of trying anything new for fear they might not like the local flavor, there’s no reason to avoid a Caribbean cruise. With cuisine choices that are simply amazing, anyone who comes away from a cruise to this region hungry must have an appetite of a whale!

On board a cruise to the Caribbean, passengers will find there’s food to meet just about every taste imaginable. From upscale, gourmet creations to simple burgers and fries, cruise ships go out of their way to ensure passengers never, with an emphasis on that never, go hungry. Just to be certain, most cruise lines even offer 24-hour meals, too.

Most cruise ships offer food included in the booking price. This means all meals, plus around the clock room service and more are covered in the main bill. There are buffets going just about every hour of the day and night, formal sit down meals and even little cafes on deck to ensure there’s never a want for a snack, sweet or more.

Cruise ship dining opportunities range from the five-star to the fast-food experience. It really depends on what a passenger is hungry for. The formal dining offerings generally come from a menu prepared by a trained chef and can include such things as beef, lobster, salmon, crab and more. Each dish on the formal end is prepared with an eye toward the arts and flavors that are to die for.

For less adventurous passengers, cruise ships offer an array of buffets that cater to all styles of eating. There’s even basic pizza, hot dogs and hamburgers for the kids, or kids at heart, and what’s more, room service can bring a wide selection any time it’s called upon.

While off board, guests can explore local restaurants and eateries for foods with a Caribbean flavor. But remember this region has more than one influence, so Caribbean cuisine might just be mixed with a passenger’s favorite Spanish styling or French dishes as well. If off board eating doesn’t excite, the kitchens on board are always open.

Picky eaters may find travel to “foreign” destinations a little intimidating, but when cruising to the Caribbean, this fear can be put aside. With all kinds of cuisine only a phone call or a walk away, there’s no reason to go hungry on a Caribbean cruise. And, what’s more, the adventurous can try some amazing local flavors, too!