Caribbean Cruise Adventures

Adventures Abound For Caribbean Cruisers

The adventurous might shy away from taking Caribbean cruises in fear they’ll have to miss some of the region’s best sights and activities. The fear is unfounded. Most major cruise lines ensure their passengers have every opportunity to explore the Caribbean and all its adrenaline-pumping action.

When it comes to adventure, the Caribbean is a serious hotspot. From visiting ancient ruins in the Western Caribbean to white water rafting in Jamaica to snorkeling in Antigua, there are opportunities to explore on virtually every island that might be a stop on a cruise.

For the more adventurous, here are some of the top side-trip possibilities while cruising the Caribbean:

* ATV tours. Many of the islands offer guided four-wheeler adventures to explore the region. These pack in the fun of the rough and tumble experience, while making sure the island’s high points are not missed.
* Tubing, white water rafting. Destinations like Jamaica allow more spirited cruise passengers to have the adventure of a lifetime as they take in the tropical scenery. Tubing and/or white water rafting is a possibility on many of the Caribbean’s islands.
* Dive trips. For experienced or even novice divers, many Caribbean destinations offer plenty of chances to see the other inhabitants of the region – the fish. The view from below is as beautiful as it is from above and for many this really makes the trip. From coral reefs to ship wrecks, the Caribbean’s waters have lots to see and explore.
* Windsurfing, water skiing, parasailing. There’s no shortage of high-adventure for those into water sports. Each island has its own opportunities for doing a lot in and on the water.
* Ruin exploring. For those who visit the Mexican end of the Caribbean, there are side trips that involve visits to some of the world’s most impressive Mayan ruins. Exploring this ancient civilization is a favorite for many cruise passengers.
* Fishing. Deep-sea fishing excursions are also available and considered do-not-misses by the sportsmen who love to travel by cruise line.

It may be known for its beaches and water, but there’s much more to the Caribbean. For those who arrive via cruise line there may be a fear that adventure won’t be part of the itinerary. This is as far from the truth as it gets as most cruise lines go to great lengths to ensure their guests get to do and see whatever intrigues them about the islands. High adventure is in high demand and the Caribbean delivers.