Career Opportunities in Retirement Communities

Retirement communities aim to provide health care and housing to retirees. This is different from retirement homes, since retirees are allowed to have their own apartment unit or house. At the same time, they would be receiving on-site health care services and at the same time they would also have access with different amenities that would improve their well-being and health.

Retirement communities do not only provide services to the elderly and retirees, but they provide career opportunities, as well. If you chose to explore a career in the field of adult and elderly health care, here are several job options available in this field:

Doctors – doctors who work with the elderly are referred to as the geriatricians. They are required to finish medical school and followed by family or internal medicine.

Clinical psychologists and counsellors – their work is involved in studying human behaviour and mental processes to understand and explain people’s behaviour. They would conduct counselling and provide mental health services and therapy.

Nurse and nursing assistant – registered nurses are often the care providers to the elder people who are ill. Nurses should have an associate degree, diploma or should have finished baccalaureate level. Nursing aides are also important since the play an important role in providing care and health services.

Physical therapist and physical therapist assistant/aide – geriatric physical therapy is one of the most important service that retirement communities. Many of the patients and older people have experienced strokes, accidents, and arthritis.

Social worker – most of them can be found in senior centers, hospices, hospital and nursing homes. They would conduct case analysis and also policy analysis.


Marketing specialists – concerned with the advertising and sale of products and services

Program planner


Lawyers – they would be handling the legal needs of older people like creating trusts, long-term finance plan, etc.

Educators and teachers – the elderly needed to be educated on how they could take care of themselves

Mostly the mentioned positions are related to health services, marketing and finance. There are also job opportunities in restaurant services, general services and construction.

Another good thing about building a career in the retirement industry are the benefits. Some benefits would include insurance programs, health insurance, dental insurance, short term and long- term disability insurance. Other benefits would be:

Paid Time Off
Paid Holidays
Bereavement Leave
Tuition Reimbursement
Employee Help Line
Flexible Spending Accounts
Public Transportation Discounts
Emergency Transportation
Discounts on Baby Products (car seats, cribs, etc.)
Emergency Assistance Fund
Adoption Assistance

Looking for the ideal job takes a lot of patience, persistence and hard work. To be successful in any field or profession that you have chosen, it should be at least in line with where your interests lie and your talents and skills can be maximized.

Building a career in retirement communities require you to have the patience and love for caring people, especially the elderly. This is a career which would require a lot of effort but would be worth it upon seeing the smiling faces thanking you for providing the best care possible. The staff and the professionals in the retirement community serves as the family for these people who have turned to your expertise and guidance.