Cardozo Law School

All About the Cardozo Law School

The Cardozo Law School is known by many to be the rising star of law schools. This is because it is the youngest of the top 90 law schools today. Cardozo Law School actually graduated its first class in 1979. It is the law School of Yeshiva University in New York and is named after Supreme Court Justice Benjamin Cardozo.

The Cardozo Law School is currently ranked 53rd of all the law schools by U.S. News. Its prestige today is also due to the fact that it is known for its strengths in a variety of programs and areas of knowledge. People looking for specialization in Intellectual Property and Dispute Resolution should definitely check out the Cardozo Law School.

How does one get into the Cardozo Law School? Well, there are actually several ways through which you can apply for admission into Cardozo Law School. The Cardozo Law School actually does not have a preference for whichever method you choose. First, there is the paper application which you can download from their website and then print out. There is also the on-line application option, made available for the convenience of the applicants.

You need to register with the Law School Data Assembly Service at least eight weeks before the application deadlines. You would also need to take the law School Application Test or the LSAT. Your scores in the LSAT will have a major impact on whether or not you are admitted into the law school. However, that’s not the only requirement.

Applicants to the Cardozo Law School will also have to submit two recommendations. This means you need to do some major networking for you to get into the Cardozo Law School. You need to make sure that someone relevant will actually be willing to help you get into the law school by writing a letter.

You will also be required to write a personal statement, otherwise known as an admissions essay. People need to know more about you than what they can learn through your records and scores. The personal statement will help people determine if you are indeed a suitable candidate for the Cardozo Law School. What you need to do is just write about things which you feel may affect your chances of getting into the school. Write about life experiences, personal achievements, or anything at all which you think showcases that you are.

Prospective students are also encouraged to visit the Cardozo Law School. This will help acquaint you better with the school. You will be toured around the campus, you will be shown what happens in a typical class and you will be given the opportunity to talk with a representative. This means that you can ask any questions that have been bothering you and make sure that you understand exactly what you are applying for.

As we all know, law school can be pretty expensive. Cardozo Law School actually is very committed to letting qualified students attend. The Cardozo Law School makes available a wide range of financial aid for those who seek it. This includes federal and private loans, grants, scholarships and others. If you have the ability, you don’t need to worry about the money. This is what makes the Cardozo Law School truly great. So what are you waiting for? Apply now!