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Car Wrap vs. Paint: Which One Is the Better Option?  

When it comes to changing the appearance of your car, you have at least two options. The first one is to have it painted in any color or pattern you want. And the second one is to have it wrapped. If you’re having a hard time choosing, this article might offer some ferrari 458 italia parked on parking lot

Custom Designs 

If you want a monocolored or two-tone design for your car, then getting a paint job might be a great idea. But if you want something more complex, like putting logos or pictures on the hood or the car’s body, then it would be better to have your vehicle wrapped. Car wrapping companies use an advanced computer program to create various designs. And by using car wrap design software, the possibilities for patterns, styles, and textures are almost limitless. 

It’s up to the vehicle owner what kind of design they want. They can choose any visually striking decoration or a simple pattern that suits their taste. This can only be done with car wrap design software. The custom design they want will be printed on a vinyl film and will be wrapped to the car’s body like a giant sticker. Anything that’s printed on the vinyl film will be automatically adjusted to fit the contours of the car. 

Time of Application

Getting a regular paint job can be pretty tedious. The current paint in your car will have to be removed first before a new coat can be applied. Typically, three coats are needed to get the job done and to ensure that the paint will be durable enough to last for many years. But each coat of paint takes a while to dry, depending on the thickness of the coat and the quality of the paint. Overall, the whole process for a regular paint job can take one to two weeks before it’s finished.

Such a problem does not exist with car wrapping. The vinyl film can be applied over the existing coat of paint. The whole process, from design creation to installation, can be done in just a few days. And, if by any chance, you changed your mind and want a new design, the vinyl wrap can be easily removed using various tools. It will only take a few days again to have the car re-wrapped with the new design that you want. 


The cost of having your car wrapped or painted depends on many factors, such as the complexity of the design and the size or model of your vehicle. Intricate designs are generally more expensive because they take a while to create in a computer or paint directly on the body of the car. Larger vehicles can be pretty costly to wrap or paint as well because the job requires more skills and materials.

Vinyl wraps are generally less expensive than paint. But it’s hard to determine if you can save much by getting your car wrapped instead of having it painted. After all, for a large vehicle, a full wrap can cost roughly a few thousand dollars. That’s almost the same amount you’ll spend if you want to have your car painted.

Durability and Maintenance

Low-quality paint jobs don’t last long. The coats will surely get damaged after a few years, and you’ll need to have your car repainted. However, a high-quality paint job done by a professional can last for a few decades. With proper maintenance, regular waxing, and careful cleaning, the coat won’t get scratched. It will only get damaged if it’s deliberately hit or scraped with a sharp object. 

Vinyl wraps don’t last as long as a high-quality paint job, but they’re pretty durable in their own right. If they’re installed properly, they won’t get peeled off or damaged easily. It’s possible for them to look as good as new even if it’s been around 7 years since they were installed. But for that to happen, taking extra care is necessary. It’s not advisable to let your car get exposed to too much sunlight or heat because it can cause the vinyl to get peeled off. Also, using high-pressure water to wash your car is not recommended because it will easily damage the wrap.

Final Thoughts

Both having your car wrapped or painted has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you want a more durable option, then it might be advisable to get a paint job. But if you want your car to look more unique with custom designs, then car wrapping is the right choice.