Car Stereos Can Keep You Awake

Car Stereos Can Be Lifesavers

We’ve all heard about drivers who feel asleep behind the wheel. Waking up a few seconds later, they find themselves face to face with an accident. Some are lucky enough to live to tell the tale. Others, unfortunately, are not.

So how can a person tired from a long day’s work or fatigued from a particularly long drive, sharpen their senses behind the wheel. A British study shows that drivers who prefer to sing-along to their favorite songs while driving are generally more able to concentrate on the road and less likely to doze off.

How’s that for flying in the face of conventional wisdom!

According to Dr. Nicola Dibben of the University of Sheffield, singing while driving can stimulate the mind and body which staves off fatigue and has a big impact on increasing alertness.

The study showed that singing was a more effective means for increasing alertness then conversation, talk radio and especially silence.

The study, of course, simply proves what many drivers already know. The background noise of the radio and singing along to it helps drivers relax their minds and pay better attention to the task at hand. Singing becomes almost an automatic function that requires little thought while keeping the brain and body awake.

While many believe that any distraction from the road is dangerous, singing it turns out isn’t really a distraction. Granted, turning on the radio and fumbling through channels or flipping through CDs is a distraction. But, there are ways drivers can take advantage of the benefits of music without running the risks fumbling creates.

Before heading out on a road trip, consider using the presets on your stereo to tune in your favorite channels. Better yet, get a CD/MP3 player and create your own driving disc. That way you won’t have to change out CDs every so often. With up to 10 hours of driving music, an MP3 disc is perfect for keeping a driver awake for the long haul.

Regardless of the means, remember the radio isn’t the danger in the car, it’s how the driver uses it. Singing is great. Fumbling with buttons is not!

With a little planning and some good tunes, there are ways to increase alertness and stave off the boredom of a long trip. Let’s face it, even a short trip that involves a traffic jam can make even the most awake driver bored and sleepy!

So, the next time you’re feeling a little drowsy behind the wheel, turn on that stereo, find a favorite tune and enjoy a good sing along.