car security alarm

According to reliable statistical data, a car is stolen every twenty-five seconds, which means there are over a million cases of automobile thefts each year. In fact, thefts, in regards of vehicles, are the country’s top property crime with a cost that goes over eight billion dollars a year. If you are one of those car owners, then this piece of information sucks big time. But if you are one of those who steal, then this set of numbers actually make you smile.

Due to these statistical data, car alarms have been installed in almost every car in the nation. Car alarms are believed to be very much successful when it comes to deterring car thefts. But the question is, do they actually help?

Car alarms have such noisy blares to be able to catch attention once a thief is too intimate with a particular car. Sometimes even a cat or a dog would make them buzz off, regardless of what time it is. There is a big chance that you acquire insomnia due to the endless nights that you are awake because of car alarms that go off at the wee hours of the morning.

The truth is quite unfortunate to say the least. Even the most sophisticated and expensive car alarm security systems are not enough for the prevention of car thefts. Nowadays, people have become smarter than they are expected to be. For sure, car thieves have already come up with a way to be able to avoid being caught with their crime.

Car thieves who are trained so well in exposing the vulnerabilities of a specific automobile security oftenly possess the ability to bypass these said top-of-the-line car alarm security systems. And what happens? They get away neatly with their stolen car or truck.

Even the best when it comes to producing dependable car alarm securities oftentimes fall short of actually keeping your vehicles safe and far from being stolen. Yes, the law does have a certain rule when it comes to automobile thefts. Law enforcement regarding the subject is actually just able to do so much to prevent car thefts.

LoJack gets into the picture to be able to protect the country’s cars and other forms of vehicles. Yes, even when car thieves do get to pass the first test, which is the manipulation of the alarm. Cool, huh? If you are truly worried and caring about your car, then you should think of installing the LoJack system.