car alarm

There have been statistical data that was just recently gathered. And according to this set of data, a single car is thieved every twenty-five seconds, which leads you to the conclusion that over a million vehicles are unfortunately stolen each year. Actually, carnapping is the country’s number one property crime with a final cost that would accumulate to approximately eight billion dollars a year. Wow! This is good news if you have an aspiration to be a car thief, but bad news to those who have already been such unlucky victims.

It is majorly because of this famous collection of data that a car alarm has been installed in almost every car in the country. Car alarms bring you a perception that a deterence of car thefts is going on. But the question is, is this fact a clear fact, or is it merely a misperception?

In truth, car alarms are extremely noisy. They sound even a lot worse compared to a thousand babies crying all together. They are purposedly manufactured to create loud noises so that they can get to catch attention. Attention in the sense that when a thief gets by, other bystanders will notice that a car theft is about to take place.

A major disadvantage is that the loudness of their blares can sometimes wake you up, even in the wee hours of the morning. A stressful day will definitely add up to one heck of a stressful night. If only you could just pick up a rock and haul it out towards a noisy car. But of course, you know you cannot do that if you do not want to spend parts of your life in jail.

But still, you have to face the truth when you hear that even the most expensive car alarms do not have all that power to actually totall eradicate the risk of your car getting mobbed off the streets. Why is that? It is because nowadays, people have slowly become more and more agile and smarter. You will definitely realize that thieves have become more skilled when it comes to car thieving.

Car stealers who have been taught so well in revealing the vulnerabilities of a particular car alarm have been trained to gain the ability to skip and control these misguided car alarms. What gets to be the result? The thieves get away with your precious automobiles.