car alarm system

Why We Need Car Alarm Systems

Statistics say that almost every 20 seconds a car is stolen or broken into. Given this number, it is not a surprise that a lot of us are rushing to the stores to get our vehicles security devices like car alarm systems. The frequency of carnap incidents and the method of doing such has become so high and advanced that we need to not just buy car alarm systems for our cars, but also update ourselves with the latest accessories to fortify them.

Nowadays, simply leaving our cars in broad daylight is not a deterrent for would-be car stealers. The light does not stop them from holding back anymore. Even in the brightest of days and crowdiest of streets, carnappers are and will be continuing to strike without fear. Having said these, the best way, therefore, for us to protect our cars is to install car alarm systems.

We can’t keep a watchful eye on our cars all the time. But we can do so virtually even from a very good distance and even out of sight with a car alarm. All we need to do is set the alarm to react to certain interventions and off it goes like crazy. For instance, we can set our alarm to blare madly if somebody tries to pry the doors open. If we own an Audi and are wary of sophisticated carjackers getting hold of it, we program our car alarm to react even to light interventions on the keyhole.

Because carjacking is so common, car alarm manufacturers are keeping pace with the developing and advancing methods of thieves. Basic car alarm systems only blare with specific interventions, but the more sophisticated units can capture even the slightest vibrations from a few meters away; thus, acting as a deterrent. The problem with these ultra sensitive alarms, however, is that they can also react wildly to ordinary passers-by or to accidental bumps.

Nevertheless, car alarms serve their purpose of keeping people away, evildoers or not. While they can be an annoyance to people around, especially if there’s no crime being done, but you are sure that is working to your advantage and is keeping potential thieves from getting near. If you own the latest edition of the Ferrari and spent nearly all your savings on this fantastic piece of work, you wouldn’t mind bothering everyone as long as your car is safe and intact, right?

Car alarm systems are manufacturers’ and car owners’ answer to the ongoing thievery going on in parking lots. If you still don’t have one installed in your car, then you could be victimized soon. Sounds grave, but that’s reality. If a good car alarm system is not in your budget for this year, you could just get yourself a fake car alarm system. It is also a good deterrent at a way cheaper price. Just don’t expect the expert thieves to buy it, though.