car alarm installation

Car Alarm Installation

Installing a car alarm yourself does not take rocket science to learn. But it is not that easy to perform, either. Novices at the trade might find themselves scampering for more detailed steps or trying hard to control an alarm that went of prematurely, especially in the absence of a good manual to guide them.

On the contrary, with the presence of a detailed and step by step manual on how to install a car alarm, novices just might succeed at the task. Of course, you should, at least, have a basic background on how a car works and what its parts are. How can you install a car alarm when you don’t first know what a carburetor, or for goodness’ sake, a hood is?

To successfully install alarm the do-it-yourself way, you need to have some car background. If you don’t then you should just leave the matter to the professionals. You might do more harm than good to your car if you attempt without enough know-how.

With that aside, let us get to the subject of installing car alarms. Once you have the unit ready to go, the first thing you should do is to attach the sired to a solid surface under your car’s hood. The horn should be pointing to the ground to prevent moisture from seeping inside and settling there. Next, you must drill a hole in your car’s firewall to create a space where your siren’s wire will pass though to your car’s passenger compartment.

Having done this, the next thing to do is to connect the power wire to the battery. A fuse (whose size depends on the alarm you are installing and the model of your car) should be placed next to the battery on a power wire. The shock sensor follows.

When installing your LED status indicator, determine first where you want it to be attached and drill a hole there. Look for the wires that control the power door locks and connec them to the alarm. After that, look for the wire that controls the courtesy light.

Once you have properly done the above, following the instructions stated in the manual should be a cinch for you. Of course, after you have installed the car alarm, you should test it if it actually works. If all these still sounds like gibberish to you, then, by all means, get yourself expert help.

Car alarms can be quite costly. Don’t waste your money trying to install it if you don’t know how. YOu might only destroy it in the process. But, hey, if you really want to learn, nobody’s stopping you from experimenting.