Capture 3 Benefits Of Lease Financing – With Canadian Finance And Leasing Companies

If we gave you 3 , among many, solid reasons to consider lease financing with finance and leasing companies in Canada , don’t you think that just a couple of them would work for you, for sure? Maybe all 3 would?

If your company would like to become part of the successful majority of Canadian business in Canada it’s about time you understood and considered lease finance.

What then are some key reasons why business in Canada utilizes lease finance? There are other options of course, and it’s up to you the business owner to determine which one works best for you, carefully analyzing whether debt or equity makes the most sense for your firm. It all comes down to whats important to your company and where you are heading with asset acquisition.

Reason #1 – Yes, there may be a down payment sometimes or a nominal security deposit but in general lease financing provides you with the ability to finance the entire asset. The asset is of course the ‘ hard cost ‘ of your acquisition, but many Canadian business owners and financial managers are pleased to know that there are numerous add ons let us call them, that can be , yes, ‘ added on’ to the lease. They are items such as delivery, installation, warranty, training, service, etc.

Reason # 2- We hate to sound like economists here but the reality is that lease financing is a solid hedge against inflation. You in effect slow down the use of your funds, and at the same time can use cash flow and working capital you otherwise might have spent on the asset. That’s just common sense right?

Reason # 3- Term. One of the smartest things you can do when working with finance and leasing companies is to match the term of the lease with your best business estimate on the useful life the of asset . You’re matching cash outflows to the benefits you receive from the asset, bringing those two together as much as you possible can.

Naturally we all realize that some assets depreciate quickly, some less so, and in a few cases (aircraft as an example … or very heavy production equipment) the deprecation and obsolescence aspect is less of a concern.

In Canada lease terms can theoretically go to ten years in some cases, however the real world out there tends to favor 3-5 year lease terms. Many clients often are looking for a shorter term for specific project or asset type reasons – The shortest term we tend to recommend is 24 months – anything less than that doesn’t make real sense for the lessor, or yourself.

This then is your firms moment. Consider the 3 tips and benefits we have provided .You of course have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Want more info, or even help ?Speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor who can maximize , for your company , these and other benefits of lease financing in Canada .