Canning Juice Extractor And All The Tasty Stuff You Can Make With It

A canning juice extractor is a great piece of equipment that allows the user to make all sorts of jams, preserves, soups, purees and sauces from fresh produce without the mess and time commitment.

Canning is an ideal way to keep an array of fresh fruits and vegetables for long periods of time without spoiling or losing the vitamins and minerals found in them when they are fresh.

This process involves a glass jar and a lid to lock in the produce and keep it air tight to avoid oxidization that causes food to spoil and develop mold.

Canning juice extractors work by removing seeds, skin, cores and all of the lumpy parts of fresh fruits and vegetables to leave a consistent smooth puree, which is then easily canned by using traditional methods.

The health benefits of using canning and juicing methods are numerous. It is also a real treat to enjoy fresh organically grown produce with all of the natural tastes both in and out of season.

Generally the process involved includes the strainer forcing the produce through a screen, separating the seeds and skins, so that they can be thrown away or used for other purposes.

A canning juice extractor will also avoid food wastage. If you were to extract the produce yourself, it would not be possible to leave only the dry pulp behind.

There are also a number of juice extractor attachments available. Depending on the type of appliance you buy, these attachments will either come with a juice extractor or can be purchased separately.

Some of these attachments include berry screens, for removing the skin and small seeds found in berries when making jams and preserves. Pumpkin screens are made for course fruit and vegetables and are ideal for making soups or processing pumpkin and squash. Salsa screens are ideal for chunkier recipes such as salsas and chutneys.

Prices for these machines start at around $50 and go upwards. They can be either motorized or manual.

It is important to make sure that the canning extractor has a reasonable warranty on the working parts and blades and is easy to clean, preferably dishwasher safe.

When buying a canning juice extractor on a budget, avoid cheaply made appliances, especially if you intend to use them often. By purchasing a quality appliance that is on sale, you can get a great quality product for a reasonable price.