Canadian Immigration Introduction Document

Welcome to your new life! Everybody wants to live their life in adifferent way, but very few people are willing to take the risk and
make relevant decisions to change and improve their way of living.After all, we only have one life. We travel through life only once, andwe are responsible for our destiny and our future.

Throughout the path of our life, there are very few decisions that affect most of our future. Our destiny is determined by a few critical moments in our life, in which we evaluate different alternatives and take the best road based on our personal experiences and our dreams. Sometimes our dreams seem very far away. We are used to seeing life though the lenses of reality, and we perceive dreams as an illusion and an unreachable path. However, we are the only path between our dreams and reality. Our critical decisions in life are the only keys that can help us open the gate of illusion, fantasy and imagination. We need to make the decision of making decisions. When we “decide to decide”, we turn our dreams into a reality, we reach the unreachable path, and we make imagination part of our everyday life. One of the most relevant decisions in our journey of life is where we live. The place where we decide to live our only life, will determine the quality of the path that we will guide our destiny. The place where we live, will determine who we are and who will we become.

We need to be brave enough to live the life that we have always dreamed. We have to take the risk to choose the place in which we want to live and make everything that is in our hands to get there. Living life the way we have always dreamed of living does not require hard work; it requires smart work. Sometimes we work so hard, that we forget about the direction of our efforts. On the other side, if we decide to work smart we will be able to decide our final destination and then find the most efficient path that will take us there. The main objective of this guide is to be the path that will take you to your final destination: Canada.

You made an important decision in your life when you thought of Canada as the country where you want to immigrate. You made
another critical decision when you decided to use this guide as your path to your final destination. Now you will have to make the most important decision of all: to take action. You have to make the decision of turning your dreams into reality and start walking in the direction of your final goal: Canada. Good luck in the journey to your new life!