Canadain Immigration Documents (part 2)

Submit you Application

Before September 1st 2006, the Canadian immigration process was much more difficult. The way it worked was that you had to send your application forms to the Visa Office WITH all your supporting documents attached!

Sounds simple???

Well, trust me: it wasn’t! Normally it takes a couple of months to get all your documents together. Just imagine what would happen if the Pass-Mark was 67 when you began gathering your documents and it changed to75 two months later!

However, after September 2006 the process was simplified. Now, if you meet the Pass-Mark (first section), you only have to send a Simplified Application Form to the Visa Office.

The Visa Officer responsible for reviewing your file will evaluate your application. A few months later, if he or she considers that you are eligible for the Canadian visa, you will be asked for all the supporting documentation.

But here is the best part: If the Pass-Mark changes, your application will no longer be affected!

If the Pass-Mark changes for example, from 67 to 75 points, your application would be evaluated with a 67 points Pass-Mark if your application was received before the date of the changes.

Based on my experience, I can tell you that the Simplified Application

Form will make your process MUCH easier!

Bottom line: It has never been so easy to apply for the Canadian

Permanent Residence Visa!

But remember, gathering your documents to the Visa Office is a very important part of the process. The way in which you organize and present the information will have a great impact on the final decision. So, even if the application process has been simplified, you will have to gather your supporting documents the right way. But don’t worry; in the third section of the book I will explain exactly how to prepare your documentation.

Now, let me explain how to send your Simplified Application FORM. First of all, you have to download the forms, save them in your computer and print several copies of each form.
To send your application to the Visa Office, you must follow these steps:

Download Application for Permanent Residence (IMM 0008SW) – The purpose of this form is to let the Canadian Government know about yourself. This form is crucial during the process, since the Visa Officer will have a general idea of who you are, what your academic and work experience background are, and several other important factors about yourself. I strongly recommend printing out several copies of the form just in case you have to fill them out again if you make any mistakes.

Also, in case you need more space to answer the questions, I recommend using additional sheets of paper. If so, you must add Indicate your name, the form’s title and the number or letter of the question you are answering to the separate sheet of paper. Also, if any of the questions does not apply to your particular situation, you must answer “N/A”, which means Not Applicable.

Download Use Of A Representative Form (IMM 5476)- If you decide to hire an immigration representative, you will also have to complete this form. Remember, you can also apply independently (you don’t HAVE TO hire an immigration consultant or lawyer). However, if you still decide to hire one, send this form attached to your Permanent Residence application.

Paying the Fees
When you apply for Permanent Residence under Skilled Worker scheme, you have to pay the following fees:
a) Legal fees (only if you decide to hire an Immigration Representative)

b) Application Fee (not refundable) Right to Permanent Residence Fee

a) Legal fees

As mentioned previously, the legal fees refer to the amount that you have to pay the Immigration Representative in exchange for his / her services. Normally, the fees are two / three times the Government fees and sometimes they can be paid in separate payments. Many Immigration Representatives offer a 100% Money Back guarantee, in case your visa is not approved.

b) Application fee (non refundable)

The Application fee must be paid for the principal applicant and his accompanying family members (spouse, common-law partner, and dependant children). This fee is not refundable, and it should be paid when you apply.

c) Right to Permanent Residence Fee

You do not have to pay this fee until you receive a request from the Visa Office. This fee must be paid for the principal applicant and accompanying spouse (or common law partner). It can be paid while the application is being processed. The Right to Permanent Residence Fee is refundable if the application is cancelled, if the visa is not issued or if the visa is not used. At the time this guide was published, the Right to Permanent Residence Fee was $490 (Canadian dollars).

In addition to these fees, you will have to pay the fees for your medical examination (and your dependants’), police certificates and the language tests (if applicable). I recommend using a MONEY ORDER to pay your fees. You should send the money order attached to your application.

Sending Your Application
Before sending your applications and payment to the Visa Office, I strongly recommend making several copies of each document that you will include in the envelope. In case something happens, it will always be better to have copies of the documents you sent.