Can you See into the Brains of Other People?

There is a very exciting area of brain research revolving around mirror neurons. These are neurons in your brain that actually mirror the activity of what’s going on in the brains of people around you. It works like this.

We have neurons in our brain that fire in an attempt to predict what other people in our environment will do. For example if you pick up a glass and take a drink, the neurons in your brain fire in a certain pattern to control that. Now, if you watch someone else pick up a glass and take a drink a very similar neuron-firing pattern happens in your brain. Your neurons are ‘mirroring’ the neurons in the person’s brain that is actually doing the act. Your neurons are firing in an attempt to understand and predict what the other person is doing and is going to do.

Here’s the exciting part. If you pick up that glass and throw it against a wall, the firing pattern that happens when you are picking up the glass will be different than if you intend to take a drink. In both cases, taking a drink or throwing the glass against the wall, the part when you are picking up the glass is the same. But the neurons in your brain are firing a different pattern while you are picking up the glass depending what you intend to do with it.

Expectations Control Your Thoughts

When you are watching someone else pick up a glass the firing pattern of your neurons depends on what you expect them to do with that glass. You are trying to interpret their intentions in advance. What does this mean? It means that what you believe and what you expect dictate the firing pattern of neurons in your brain in response to your environment.

The firing patterns of your neurons, which is happening all the time, is partially controlled by what you are seeing or experiencing and partially controlled by what you believe or expect. Your beliefs and expectations control the way your brain fires in response to your environment throughout the entire day, however insignificant the situation might seem.

Beliefs Dictate your Results

Your beliefs will dictate the way you respond to opportunities. If you have empowering beliefs that allow your brain to focus on the positive opportunity in your environment you will act very differently than if you have disempowering beliefs that will force your brain to focus on the risk and danger. Your beliefs will actually control your future by controlling your behavior in the present.

The end of the year is a perfect time to reflect on your own beliefs and evaluate whether or not they are serving you well.

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