Can You Hear Me Selling Now?

What is the sales message that you and your company are attempting to deliver to the marketplace? Is it uniquely yours, focused and delivered with clarity? Are you cognizant of whether it is indeed the same message that your customers and prospects are actually hearing? Are you truly connecting with them or simply going through the motions?

Your marketing message is tied directly to your brand, your identity. What are you doing each day to clarify your market position? Do you sometimes get in your own way? It’s been said that “What you are doing speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you are saying.” Is that true of you? Your company? Are you busy doing the inconsequential or are you busy adding value to your products and services for all to see? Is your marketing effective? If so, how are your resulting sales?

Verizon’s successful ad campaign featuring New York City actor Paul Marcarelli has struck a rhythmic chord with the marketplace in general, regardless of product boundaries. “Can you hear me now?” has become an everyday term, generic, identifiable with everyone who uses a cellphone. USA Today reports that “their Can You Hear Me Now? guy is, in reality, the personification of a crew of 50 Verizon employees who each drive 100,000 miles annually in specially outfitted vehicles to test the reliability of Verizon’s network.” Interesting!

“Our casting specifications called for an everyman with something quirky or memorable about them. We looked at over 1,000 people” says Marvin Davis, VP Advertising, at Verizon. Those now infamous horn-rimmed glasses are Marcarelli’s actual spectacles! His appeal is universal.

“We’re not the low-cost provider. We’re not the most aggressive with promotional deals and headset giveaways. Our brand message is important, because the market recognizes it’s a higher-quality service. People are willing to pay more to get more” says Marvin Davis, Verizon’s VP of Advertising. That is their message, and it comes through loud and clear.

Verizon’s creative message succeeds for them on several fronts:

1. It connects well with their target audience.

2. Is delivered by an everyday Joe that most people can easily identify with.

3. Is short, sweet and memorable!

4. It makes sense.

5. Their service works.

Can the same be said of your branding and marketing efforts? How well is your message being received? Follow Verizon’s lead and watch your sales soar!