Can You Achieve Anything You Want?

Have you ever seen Joe Versus the Volcano? I watched it the other night and it made me think. “Why do we have to get shaken out of our stupor with a near death event or a tragic event to decide to live our lives the way we want?”

Why do you want to go throughout life living it with less vitality, fun, ambition and adventure than you are capable of? I don’t know, but we all do it to some degree. We all have an area of our lives that we spend time doing or being a part of when we would rather be, do or have something else.

Then one day we get an inkling that we’re not happy and that maybe we would like to change something. So we set a goal and get fired up, try the change for a bit and get sucked back into a life of mediocrity. All the while beating ourselves up for failing. At the same time reinforcing our ideas that we never were meant to succeed. Must be the genetics. Can’t do it without the support of my spouse, boss, children, or family.

The real reason we never accomplish our goals and dreams is because we give up. If we didn’t give up, we would eventually find a means to achieving our dreams. One step after another, down the path, discovering new things along the way and getting wiser as we go.

Piece by piece, one step at a time on the journey, the clues to solving our life situations present themselves. But those that turn around at the first obstacle of CHOICE, never even get on the path of success.

Once you DECIDE that you will achieve your goals, dreams, ambitions and aspirations to be, do, have more, it’s only a matter of finding out what you need to know to make it all work.

In one study I looked at of 700 people, only 14% said that they achieved most of the goals they had set out at the beginning of the year. Of that 14% only 1% said they accomplished everything they set out to do. The other 86% said they accomplished some to none of what they set out to do. I say this only because; I think it’s important to note that most of us don’t do what we set out to. The other thing to note is that there is 14% of the population that is doing something that most of us are not. And we need to learn it.

Here is another interesting note. 42% of us write down the same darn goals every year. We obviously know what we want, because we keep wanting it year after year, so lets learn how to get it.

The Truth Will Set You Free.

“We cant all be a start, but you can be better than you are” – Ray Burton

I was talking with my personal training client Larry the other day. Larry is 74 and like all 74 year olds, has quite a bit of life experience and with a little prodding, is willing to share.

We were talking about the movie “The Secret” and the power of thought. We went back and forth and at one point I said “I believe that if something has been accomplished by someone on earth, then anyone can do it.” So starts the debate..

He said “do you remember the other day when I asked if I did this exercise, would I look like you?” I knew where he was going with this and said “Yes..”. He looked at me and said ” You said “no”, and I appreciated your honesty. You said that you didn’t choose your parents and they were too young to be mine!”

Well, like most situations, I spouted off a smart assed answer and was called to task for what I said at a later date. What I really meant was that he was 74 and physically, it was past his time to look just like I did. Youth has its advantages and disadvantages.

“This reminds me of a story about my grandson.” He said. “He was only six at the time and they were talking about positive thinking and that you can be anything you want as long as you concentrate your thoughts and efforts on becoming it”.

He smiled. “After about 30 minutes my grandson piped up and said, “But I can think about being a pig as much as I want but I still can’t be a pig”.

Ah, from the mouths of babes the truth speaks. It’s a harsh fact but there are things that are physically possible with the right tools, opportunities and enough time while others, well..they are called miracles.

There are enough stories and personal accounts to make miracles a definite possibility but I would rather take the approach of..

“We can’t all be a star, but we can be better than we are”.