Can We Have It All?

Must we give something up in order to get what we want?

Are you reconciled to hitting the invisible ceiling at work? Are you settling for just anyones affection? Or putting your passions away to pursue a ‘normal life’? Do you allow authorities, statistics, desperation, and old voices from the past to cloud your vision of the future?

The universe wants to give us everything, yet! We limit ourselves.

While we can experience unlimited success, our success must be limited to just one or two areas in our life. The problem is we are resigned to these facts.

Our limited thinking is precisely why we ‘eventually’ have to give something up. We don’t permit ourselves to consider we can have it all. To raise the bar we should start with an uncompromising, unrelenting desire to give ourselves a 10 in every area of our lives.

In school, we excel in many subjects; however, in some subjects forget about it. There may have been a point in time in our school career when teachers made us feel small in some subjects, so we just stop trying and resigned ourselves that it is true.

However, much later, when school marks don’t matter and we can be ourselves we tend to find ourselves using the same old values we learned from our school days our peers or parents.

You are here, now, reading this. If you have aspirations, hope, expectations you have a GOAL. Whatever it is you are doing right now you can also have whatever it is you are thinking of.

Time to rethink!
Discover you can excel at something you thought you stunk at.

The universe wants us to learn that:

We can have it all.

Why not?

A good starting point is to write down your thoughts and contact a Life Coach. Start to put those plans you thought were just pie in the sky to the test.
Nothing is ever achieved if you don’t try.