Can We Always Have Good Days?

Can we always have good days? This is a question that most of us have at least pondered once in our lifetime… even if it is done subconsciously.

The following is my opinion on this question. It is certainly not definitive. Just something for pondering.

So…Can we always have good days? No, we can’t.

However, our ‘sense of self’ certainly wishes so. Our sense of self is like an additional layer of wants and dislikes that overlays on ‘what is’. It is our personal reaction to the actuality of any situation.

Let’s take a look at astrology for an explanation to why it is impossible to have good times all the time…. In astrology, there are compatible as well as incompatible combinations. For instance Sextile placements is a compatible combination. Such aspect can be positive, optimistic, constructive and there is an easy-flowing connection.

Whereas Square aspect can be considered a very trying, uneasy combination with conflict, stressfulness and difficulties. There can be much disagreement and unpleasant in such interactions.

Of course, astrology is much more than these examples. But since the life experience of a person always travests through various astrological placements, it will always have pleasant, neutral and not-so-rosy periods.

Additionally because of the vast differences in individual birth charts, favourable days for one person may be unfavorable for another. So likewise one man’s meat might be another man’s poison. As described, a person fortune will always be cycled within the astrological placement at any time. This may result in periods that are favourable for a particular individual, but are not-so-rosy for another and vice versa.

During favorable times, our sense of self flows along without resistance. This results in our feeling of happiness. During unfavourable times, our sense of self is in friction with the flow… The friction is resistance to the factuality of the situation. This results in unhappiness.

So that bottomline is…we cannot have good days all the time… despite the desires of our sense of self.

For your necessary discernment. Thank you for reading.