Can Vitamin E Provide Pain Relief

Dealing with arthritis can be a study in frustration, one filled with aching, chronic pain and inability to do the simple things that we’ve grown so accustomed to in our health prime. Even tying a shoe or opening a jar becomes a painful endeavor. There is no cure for arthritis, only relief, and one of the most effective methods of relief is the use of Vitamin E in nutritional supplements.

Rheumatoid Arthritis is a chronic inflammatory disease that often affects older people and is caused when the immune system attacks joints and body parts. It is most noticed as stiff and painful movement in knees, wrists, fingers and elbows. Often, the hips and neck are also affected. Joints on one or both sides of the body may be affected. You may be suffering from arthritis if:
• Joints feel warm to the touch
• Joints appear swollen
• Stiffness in joints decreases mobility
• You may feel weak and feverish
Most health professionals suggest taking ibuprofens, such as Aleve and Advil. Aspirins like Bayer, Buffering and Ecotrin are also suggested. Many others must take prescription anti-inflammatory medications, which add hundreds of dollars to treatment plans.

However, many people today are also exploring more natural ways to combat the aches and pains related to arthritis, through vitamin nutritional supplements. Many people suffering from arthritis have an impaired antioxidant health system, which serves to protect joints and other body tissues. Studies have shown that those taking adequate amounts of Vitamin E in nutritional supplements experience the same amount of relief as those taking anti-inflammatory drugs.

Vitamin E is a primary anti-oxidant that helps to protect cell membranes and tissues from damage. While there is still debate over whether the Vitamin E found in nutritional supplements is as healthful as the Vitamin E found in many foods, studies continue to show that whichever way it is taken, Vitamin E helps reduce inflammation and create tissue regrowth. In its natural state, Vitamin E can be found in most whole grains, egg yolks, green, leafy vegetables and many different kinds of “health foods” such as nuts and seeds.

Vitamin E nutritional supplements should be taken according to directions and care must be taken not to take more than the daily-recommended allowance, as this can cause imbalance and poor health.

While we may not have control over whether or not we will eventually suffer from some form of arthritis, most of us are willing to try anything to provide adequate relief from the pain of the condition, as well as attempting to regain mobility, health, and quality of life. While Vitamin E may be one of the best natural supplements you can find to help you fight the battle against arthritis, work together with your doctor to find the most beneficial treatment plan that you can that combines prescribed medications with natural herbs and nutritional supplements whenever possible. Any form of arthritis is miserable to live with, but knowing something about your treatment options offers arthritis sufferers some control over their own treatment.