Can Ultrasound Machines Cause Autism

Ultrasound machines have risen in popularity and have overtaken several traditional tools and equipment because these are generally rendered safe and effective. Although there are some minor disadvantages such as the production of heat and bubbles, the machines are relatively considered harmless and painless. However, there are issues regarding the action of ultrasound in causing autism among children. Find out more about the myth or fact.

About Sound and Heat

In several cases, doctors have noticed that foetuses move away from the path of high-frequency sound waves as they feel heat and vibrations at the same time. The FDA or Food and Drug Administration has warned before that ultrasound is also a form of energy. Therefore, physical effect on tissues can still be generated even at low levels. The rise in temperature and jarring vibrations are said to sound similar to a subway train entering the station from the baby’s point of view. This occurs when the transducer or probe is aimed straight at the small hydrophone positioned in the woman’s womb.

Although the rise of temperature may not be felt by the mother, the developing systems of the fetus, particularly the central nervous system or CNS may be greatly detected. Elevated fetal or maternal body temperatures, according to studies, are known to trigger birth defects. CNS defects seem to be the most obvious consequence of elevated body temperature in all mammals. The main explanation seems to be the death of cells and delay in proliferation of neuroblasts.

Becoming Common

Experts and doctors have pointed out that more and more birth defects and autistic children seem to come from parents who have had ultrasound at least twice during their pregnancy. Each ultrasound session takes around 30 minutes at least, putting the small fetal brain under direct exposure of the ultrasound. Although ultrasound is usually done only to check for abnormalities like wrong positioning of the fetus or other possible complications and disease, some parents undergo the procedure wanting only to determine the sex of their baby.

The irrelevant and unimportant purpose of the procedure could lead to autism and other problems in the future. Several claim that the benefits of ultrasound far outweigh the risks. However, studies have discovered that in both high and low-risk cases, ultrasound did not improve the condition or outcome of pregnancies. Some people are debating that the growing autism trend, plus other concerns do not justify undergoing an approach that will prove to be unsafe for unborn children.

Agencies Fighting Autism

The World Health Organization or WHO has already written a report in the past regarding the effects of ultrasound on different biological systems. The report indicates that exposure to ultrasound machines can result to fetal weight reduction and changes in neurological function, behavior and immunity. The National Institutes of Health or NIH may have stated that the report is no longer considered as the guidance for medical practice, the facts that there are truly harmful risks associated with ultrasound remain unchanged.

More groups and private organizations are now present, with others emerging to continue and battle the possibility of ultrasound machines causing autistic individuals. There are online groups that you can join to learn more about the condition and how to alleviate it well. Publications are also very active in supporting the groups, while other health institutions continue to conduct tests to confirm past findings.