Can Personal Development Help You To Get Everything You Want?

Do you think you could imagine a better life for yourself and those you love if a genie appeared and told you that you were only a thought away from your perfect life. Do you believe that it is possible for you to envision that perfect life in such detail that it seems real at the time? Do you think if the genie said to you that every small detail would become reality in a very short time and that you had time to prepare your vision, you could perfect that mental image? What would you place in your mental picture? What you you have? What would you be? What would you do?

Well fasten your seatbelt and get ready for the ride of your life. It really is possible to be, do and have anything that you can imagine and it is possible through some simple personal development techniques!

So ask yourself the question, “what would I do if I knew I couldn’t fail?”

There are only two things that can stop you from having what you want in life and being the person you aspire to be.

1. Lack of Clarity. You must know exactly what you want. Most people fail to achieve or gain the things in life that they want simply because they do not know what they want. Their desires are like leaves in a breeze, blown this way and that on the winds of change. You must be clear on exactly what you want if you are ever to achieve it. A strong vision of your future is the first and most important step in goal achievement.

To get clear do the following exercise: Take a piece of paper and write as many things you can think of that would make you happy. Give yourself three minutes to complete this exercise. Don’t limit yourself. It doesn’t matter how far-fetched or unachievable it seems right now. There is a universal maxim that states “You only have a desire because you are capable of achieving it!”

Now after you have written your desires down number them from 1 upwards in order of importance. Chose the three most important desires on your list. These will be your goals that you will focus on first and accomplish before the others. Ensure that these are the most important things to you at this time.

2. Resistance. Now there are people in this world that are very clear on what they want in life. In fact not only are they clear on what they want but they are also very clear on how to get it, yet no matter how hard they try they seem to make little, or no, progress. Why is this?

Resistance is the only thing stopping you! Your resistance is the only reason that you have never achieved your desires. Re you one of these people? Do you harbour resistance within your being? Somewhere deep within you are conflicting beliefs that stop you from achieving success.

You must weed out these destructive modes of thought and feeling in order to achieve your aims. Truly when you have resistance it just means that you are not yet fully clear on what you want.

Your thoughts are only creative. Your thoughts are the building blocks upon which your personal universe is built. If you have resistant thoughts then you are sending out mixed messages to the universe. On the one hand you have the thoughts that reflect your desires but on the other hand you have thoughts of doubt, confusion, disbelief or fear.

It is essential to do one of two things.

1. Get so clear on what you want that you wipe out resistance through your belief in your vision. 2. Destroy destructive thoughts at their core and you remove resistance from your thoughts, emotions and life.

Here is the key to universe and to achieving everything you want in life – YOU ALWAYS GET MORE OF WHAT YOU FOCUS ON in Life! However, you tend to believe in your own limitations and concentrate on them rather than focusing on your strengths and believing in them. Do you tend to focus on what you cannot do, or do you focus on what you can do? Do you focus on what you want or do you focus on the lack of it? There are many great techniques for eliminating resistance from your thoughts, feelings and beliefs. However the quick way to overcome resistance is to get so clear on your goal and vision that nothing will stand in the way of its attainment!

You can begin with a visualization technique where you imagine your ideal scene twice daily. In the morning when you awaken and at night before you sleep imagine your ideal scene where you have already achieved the three things on your list. Actually step into the picture and live it as though you already had it. Feel all the great feelings that being, doing and having that vision conjure up in you.

Then when you go about your day reinforce that picture by acting as though it were already true. Evoke the same feelings you had when visualising it and you will convince your subconscious mind that your visualised life is really your true reality right now. Once this happens nothing can stop its achievement!

Stay focused on what you want. If you have negative thoughts realise that this is just resistance and when you catch yourself doing it – stop. Then immediately think the opposite thought while evoking strong feeling with the thought. It is important to evoke positive feelings when you call to mind your vision. If you start to feel frustrated that you have not yet achieved your vision take several deep breaths and concentrate on the rewards of having. Get yourself back into a state of feeling good!

This is the only tool you really need to create the life of your dreams. It is not always easy to learn at first but the rewards are worth many times the effort required to master it. If need be seek out quality assistance to or any of the great tools available to help you stay focused and remove resistance but most importantly of all enjoy the journey and transition from where you are now to the deliberate creator you were born to be!!