Can I use a Hair Straightener During Pregnancy

Perhaps, you may be pregnant and are concerned whether or not your hair straightening process could hurt your unborn child. Even though there is no clinical study or prove that shows a hair straightening process harms your child, there are many people who not convinced that it is entirely safe while pregnant. It is probably best to avoid any type of harsh hair straightening procedure. Some may tell you otherwise since nothing substantial has been proven in regards to dangerous outcomes. Any small chance that your baby is able to absorb the harmful chemical should be taken into consideration. Having a healthy baby long term is much more important than pin straight hair. The healthy existence of a living human should extinguish concerns over one’s fashionability.
Hair stylists are recommending that you hold off on chemically straightening your hair during pregnancy. Their stated reasons are not of the chemical nature that you might expect for these types of concerns. Rather they are because of the intense surges of hormones present in a pregnant woman. So risks regarding the chemicals associated with straightening your hair arise because of the potential of your hormones to cause less than typical reactions. Your best bet is to avoid straightening while pregnant. A pregnant woman’s hormones are usually expected to reach normal level after they are completed with nursing.
Published studies about hair treatments during pregnancy have already sought to discover any negative results brought on through exposure to hair straightening products used by pregnant women. The study was actually not able to find an increased risk for low birth weights nor for preterm deliveries. Conclusions also were not yet able to be arrived at as to whether any birth defects were associated with instances of pregnant hair straightening. But absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. Meanwhile it is thought that any effects would probably be minor because the women’s bodies would not be absorbing large amounts of their hair products to begin with, but as sentiment has already stated-any risk in regards to something as fragile as an unborn baby is totally different from absolute certainty of harmlessness. In fact there is still unfinished scientific study going on, as it is believed to be highly warranted particularly for the unique situations of Black women.
Speak with your doctor if you have further concerns on using hair straightening products while pregnant. He should be able to address any further questions you have on this issue.