Can I Afford a Destination Wedding?

There is no doubt the wedding is one of the most important events in a person’s life. It’s also true that the bride usually has some more complex plans in mind for the happy event. There is a whole industry created around weddings so you can either have a traditional one or go for something out of ordinary. But what if your dream is to get married in your dream destination?

What Is a Destination Wedding?

A destination wedding means taking the entire show and move it all together somewhere far from home, even in another country. This is definitely the kind of thing travel enthusiasts dream of. You will basically be planning everything around that destination spot. But while that sounds amazing, it also means you will have much greater costs.

How Expensive Is a Destination Wedding?

The cost of a wedding, in general, depends on your expectations and on how well you plan everything, especially the budget. For a destination wedding, the final cost is significantly influenced by the location you choose.

So, you had a dream vacation in a tropical paradise, and now you cannot imagine having your wedding anywhere else? Who cannot relate to that? But is it possible or just an unrealistic dream for someone who doesn’t have a huge bank account? Well, it will definitely not be a very low budget event, but if you do your research well, cheap destination weddings are actually possible.

What Exactly Do I Have to Pay for?

Your destination wedding will mean extra effort for your guests as well. They will have to travel and be prepared for all the activities you have planned for them. So, it’s common sense that you cover at least some of the additional expenses. Since destinations weddings have been a thing for quite a while, there is a certain tradition created around them already. So, the custom is that the bride, with the help of her family, pays for the bridesmaids, and the groom covers the expenses of his groomsmen. More specifically, they pay for the accommodation. Guests usually cover their own accommodation and travelling expenses.

Pros and Cons of a Destination Wedding

The cons are obviously related to costs. They will be higher not only for the bride and groom but for the guests as well. Besides, they will have to plan the trip, taking time off from work, and taking care of the grooming arrangements at the destination you have chosen. That will probably mean you will have a shorter guests list than a traditional wedding.

On the other hand, the advantages are also obvious. Your guests won’t just be going to a wedding, they will enjoy a short vacation in a wonderful place. So, they will have some very special memories as well.

So, Should I Dare?

If you think your finances can take it and you are ready to plan everything carefully to reduce the costs, there is no reason to avoid a destination wedding. This is your dream event so why shouldn’t you have it?