Can Golf Be Considered in Extreme Sports

Golf, a game that screams gentility, has gone one step further and entered the ranks of extreme sports. The game that is pastoral in nature now has come around to attract new players by spicing up the game a little bit. Known as extreme golf, this sport is a blend of running and golfing. You have to be in pretty good shape to run eighteen holes and the athletes who take part in extreme golf are. Still rare in private clubs, extreme golf is gaining in popularity around the country at public courses. It give the course extra revenue and generates a little excitement on the other wise quiet links.

Extreme golf is one of those extreme sports that gather their name from adding to the traditional sport. Golf has been played for centuries and is known as a game up patience and skill. Extreme golf still has the skill in it, but it also adds an element of speed. Not only do you run the course, you actually play golf as you do so. The game is usually played during twilight golf when the course is relatively empty and there are not many players on the green. You can usually get a cheaper rate at this time of day because most people cannot complete eighteen holes before it gets dark.

Unlike regular golf, the extreme sports enthusiast plays with three clubs instead of a hole set. He or she will choose a driver, a putter, and a wedge. These clubs are carried in hand not in a bag. Some extreme golfers have made quills to hold their clubs on their backs while they run. The golfer is only allowed to have five balls and once those balls are lost the golfer is out of the running. Played for fun most of the time, there are extreme golf tournaments that have a few good sized cash prizes.

The extreme golfers tee off at the same time from the same tee. Here is where it gets extreme. As soon as you tee off you start running to your ball. There are other golfers behind that are hitting even though you are down range. Some extreme golfers wear a bike helmet or a skateboarding helmet because of this. If you play extreme golf often enough, you will get hit by the ball. As soon as you get to your ball, you take your iron and get it to the green as soon as you can. The idea is not low swings, but speed. It is a race and speed is the definable adverb in extreme sports.

Once you get on the putting green, you put until you get it in the cup. The ball has to be stopped before you can hit it again. At the same time you are watching out for balls of your opponent. After the ball is in the cup, you run and tee off at the next hole. The game is fun to play and to watch. If you are an extreme sports fan and a golfer this is the sport for you. Extreme golf needs the permission of the range marshal before you set up to play. If you live in the northern regions of the United States, you can play extreme golf on the course after it has closed down for the season.