Can Andrew J. Cass Help You Make A Lot Of Money With Carbon Copy Pro?

Andrew J. Cass is an independent distributor for WMI (Wealth Masters International) and is affiliated with Carbon Copy Pro. In addition, he runs more than five successful websites and is the leader of a local chapter of Dan Kennedy’s coaching program.

Most of his online marketing efforts revolve around the promotion of his Carbon Copy Pro business, and you can find links to his sales page on hundreds of various paid Google searches. I’ve ran into his material well over 100 times over the last several months, and I can tell that not only does he know what he’s doing – he understands marketing far better than the average ‘internet junkie’ and not only that – it’s fairly evident that he builds his business on sound principles that will ensure that he stays in the marketing game for many years to come.

I have absolutely NOTHING negative to say about Mr. Cass, and I can tell that he’s passionate about what he does.

If you are going to take the plunge and join Carbon Copy Pro, Andrew is one of the best leaders you could be involved with, and I can give him a glowing recommendation.

So rather than asking if you should join Andrew J. Cass, the real question should be – is Carbon Copy Pro a good opportunity, and more importantly – the right opportunity for you?

Although I can’t answer that question for you, here’s what I can say about Carbon Copy Pro and Wealth Masters International – a LOT of people on the internet make A LOT of money with these companies. If you want to get a great third party perspective on Carbon Copy Pro, you can Google the following:

“Is Carbon Copy Pro Better Than MLM?” Be sure to leave the quotation marks on to make sure you read the correct article – I cover costs, philosophy, and background to this business model.

Basically, even though people make a lot of money from programs like Carbon Copy Pro, I don’t personally like the concept of ‘Top Tier’ direct sales companies. Although CCP is a legitimate business model and is both legal and profitable for the right person – there is absolutely no way I would ever pay the money that it costs to be involved in Wealth Masters International UNLESS I was also joining the business. In other words, I just don’t think that the product stands on it’s own.

Now that might tick off a lot of CCP affiliates, or Andrew J. Cass, but this is the purpose of a competitive market – differing business models, individuals, and products all compete for your time, energy, and money – prove me wrong, Carbon Copy Pro reps!

Now hear me out when I say this – I’m not saying steer clear of CCP or Mr. Cass – I just want you to ask yourself this question, and be honest with your answer:

“If you weren’t looking to earn a bunch of money, can you honestly say that you would pay for the PRODUCT that WMI offers at the current cost?”

Now asking this question may give you an answer that you don’t want to hear. You need to honestly ask this before you decide to get involved in any kind of opportunity.

If you ask the question and the answer is something like ‘Well… If I’m honest that product costs 400% too much…’ then you should QUIT before you get anyone else involved and sacrifice your integrity. Quite frankly, this is the biggest disconnect in the home business industry – people will market things that are 200% overpriced just to earn that extra 100% in commissions.

Now after having this discussion, you may just be more convinced than ever that Carbon Copy Pro has the best product in history. If that’s the case, go for it. I wish you the best. Just don’t sacrifice your ethics to make a quick buck. If YOU DO get involved, though, I can recommend Andrew J. Cass as a great leader in Carbon Copy Pro, and I wish you the best of luck.