Camping With Kids

As kids become more and more busy camping trips present a great opportunity to spend quality time with your kids without distractions. Kids are more active today than they have been in the past, even needing planners to keep everything straight. While its good for kids to be involved in different activities, there also needs to be some time to relax and be with family and that is where camping comes in.

Camping is a wonderful pastime for families and many kids love it. You may want to start by having the kids help decide the camping location. It’s important to involve the kids with the planning; otherwise it can seem like just another family obligation instead of a chance to really have fun and bond with the rest of the family. You’ll want to be sure to plan well ahead. Camping is becoming increasingly popular and campsites can be booked months and even years in advance. Talk with the kids about what you hope to achieve on the camping trip and make a list of activities to do. Great family camping activities include stargazing, animal watching, hiking, fishing, canoeing, rafting, and of course cooking s’mores.

Before you leave home for your camping trip it is also important to remember to go over basic first aid and safety instructions. There is a lot that can happen on a camping trip and you need to be sure that everyone is prepared. You may also want to do a trial run setting up the tent. You don’t know what the weather will be like at your campsite when you get there and you don’t want there to be any delays in getting shelter up. Planning will be the key to your successful camping trip.

Now, once you get camping the most important thing to remember is to relax and have fun. Things aren’t going to go exactly as planned and that’s part of the fun. Most fun family camping memories are made from unplanned or impromptu moments. It’s also important to make sure you get the whole family involved. Working together to make a successful camping trip will leave you feeling like you spent quality time together. To make the camping trip fun for everyone make sure each child got to pick and plan at least one of the planned activities and everyone participates. This will make each child feel important and will give insight into what that child likes and reveal parts of his personality. Without the presence of friends and other distractions, kids are more likely to pay attention to their parents and this is one of the keys to a camping trip.

This is also a great time for parents to teach their kids life lessons. Camping can even be a time to pass along family history. It’s important to know who your family is and where they came from. Around a campfire at night is a great time to tell stories of older generations of family members.

Camping is a great family tradition and is a great experience for kids. Just make sure that you plan well and are flexible. Kids require flexibility and without it your camping trip is sure to fail. But, if done right, your family camping trip will be a great memory for your child that they will carry forever.