Camping In France

When most people think of France they envision pricey hotels, wonderful food, and expensive shopping. However, there is another way to experience France and that is by camping. There are over 11,000 camping sites in France, so needless to say there is something for everyone, whether you want to go camping in style or want to rough it.

If you want to go to France on a budget, then camping can be a great choice for you. Camping sites can be found for much cheaper than hotels. If you want more of an authentic cultural experience then you can try to find a family that rents out camping sites on their land in the country. While this may seem a little unorthodox, it is a great way to meet people and learn about their culture. There are also standard camping parks where you can camp with tents or RVs just like in the Unites States. However, you can’t just go camping anywhere. If you think you can just go into the woods and find a good spot you’re wrong. Make sure you find an approved location for your camping trip that won’t put you in violation of any laws. Camping will also help your budget in regards to food.

You’ll be able to make your own meals at camp which can save you money on eating out. If you want to experience more than one area then consider backpacking through France. You can go camping in the country and stay at hostels in the city. Camping also presents a great opportunity to meet fellow travelers. People are much more open and friendly at campsites than in stuffy hotels.

There is another side to camping in France and that is camping in style. There are several campgrounds in France that come prepared with a tent or RV and all the amenities of a world class hotel. There can be entertainment, restaurants, shopping, and spas. You will also find more traditional camping activities such as canoeing, fishing, and cycling. Just be aware that as the amenities increase so does the price tag. For some people camping is more enjoyable than staying in a ritzy hotel. It will definitely give a different perspective on your vacation if you choose to go camping in another country. For many families camping is the only affordable way for them to visit other countries. If you want to travel to sight see and experience culture and don’t really care about shopping and fancy meals, then camping might be the choice for you.

Camping is also an excellent choice for young adults. Don’t want to wait until you’re retired to see the world? Try camping around the world! When you choose to go camping instead of traveling conventionally then the bulk of your budget is spent on airfare. Campsites are relatively cheap and if you can get a group of friends together you can split the cost of one site and save even more. When you think of going camping, don’t just think about America, expand your horizons and try camping in another country!