Camping Date

Camping can be a very fun and romantic date. If you want to go on an original date that is going to impress, then you should give camping a try. Here are a few tips and things to think about when planning a camping date.

The way in which you start off your day while camping will have a lasting effect on the rest of the day. Get up early and watch the sunrise together. Camping is for experiencing nature, not sleeping in. Try to get up early and hike to a spot that will give a good view of the sunrise. You can really shine by taking your date on an early morning hike before sunrise, packing along her sleeping bag and the cooking gear. When you get to the spot where you want to watch the sunrise then let her go back to sleep and start making breakfast. If you time it right she’ll wake up to the smell of breakfast and you can watch the sunrise together while eating. If your date isn’t too much of a morning person then just wake up and watch the sunrise together and then go back to sleep. Camping is a rare opportunity to watch the sunrise, so take advantage of it.

During the day there are several options for your camping date. If you’re adventurous you might want to go white water rafting, spelunking, rock climbing, or repelling. A picnic lunch is a great romantic break to the day. You can also try fishing or a nature walk. Camping presents a lot of different opportunities and it’s a good idea to ask your date what they like to do. You should be willing to try things that your date wants to do and your date should be willing to try things you want to do. Planning is going to be the key to your camping date success. While you can surprise your date with certain romantic touches, a camping date is not a good surprise date. You want time to plan together and see what the other person is comfortable doing. It would be horrible to go camping and have the day planned around repelling only to find that your date has an intense phobia of heights!

Ending your day of camping presents numerous romantic opportunities. With the stars clear overhead a simple evening cuddled next to the campfire and stargazing can be very romantic. This can also be a great time to bond with your date. Oftentimes it easier to talk around the campfire than it is at home. If you want to impress your date, point out constellations or certain stars or planets. Of course camping wouldn’t be complete without s’mores and they add a certain playfulness and nostalgia to camping and are a great touch to your date.

Whatever your plans while camping, make sure you let someone know what you’ll be doing and what the timeframe is. Camping can be dangerous if you don’t take precautions and aren’t keeping safety first. Especially if you’re just going with your date and not with a group, make sure someone back at home knows your plans. You might also want to fill in a park ranger about your camping plans, you can’t be too safe.