Camera Canon Digital PowerShot s2 – A Great Camera for Everyone

If you want to take high quality pictures you will surely need a high quality camera but which one? Today there is a wide range of cameras that you can buy. There are the old fashion cameras, the automatic cameras and of course the digital cameras. One of the best is the digital camera Canon PowerShot s2.

You will find that the digital camera Canon PowerShot s2 is packed with high quality features. The new version of the PowerShot s2 is an amazing improvement compared to its predecessor. The Camera Canon PowerShot s2 is like having a mix of a high quality camcorder and a high quality digital camera.

Here are some of the new features for the canon digital powershot s2:

– 12x optical Zoom Lens
– A large 1.8 inch LCD Display
– A New “Night Display” Feature
– DIGIC II image processor

The new night display is very useful; it will brighten the LCD screen and the EVF when you are in dark environments. Also the New DIGIC II image processor of the canon digital PowerShot s2 will provide you with amazing quality performance ability.

On top of that the brand new canon digital PowerShot s2 comes with a stereo sound recording giving you an excellent sound and pitch. Another important factor to know is that the canon PowerShot s2 has a 5 megapixal CCD.

If you are one of those who like to make home movies the canon digital PowerShot is perfect for you. You will have a wide range of features for movie making. Features like:

– Wind Filter
– Adjustable mic level
– Sound quality level
– and more

That’s not all; this camera canon digital PowerShot s2 brings you great features for adjusting the color quality. You can swap the colors and you can even highlight various parts of the picture! That’s pretty cool in my book.

By now you should agree with me that with so many features buying a digital camera Canon PowerShot s2 is a very good choice on top of that the PowerShot s2 uses many of the features of its predecessors. Features like:

– Optical image stabilization
– USB 2.0 High Speed Support
– Rotating LCD
– Secure Digital memory card (instead of CompactFlash cards)

On top of that the addition of manual controls, an amazing movie mode and support for various lenses makes the camera Canon Digital PowerShot s2 one of the most important part of your arsenal when you go out on holiday or special events.