California Skateparks

Considering the popularity of skateboarding in California, as well as the controversy involved, there are over 2000 registered skateparks available throughout some of the major cities and towns across the country.

One of the most interesting debates when it comes to skateparks and just the common streets anywhere is usually the space involved. Though skateparks may come in various sizes, there has been some speculation even with skateboarders themselves on the construction and design. Even the residential homeowners would often felt that skateparks are a big waste of money and park space at first. Ever since the advancement when it comes to techniques and tricks, it seemed necessary for most communities and cities to have a skatepark or two in the area.

One of the best so far is the Vans Skatepark located at Orange, California. This park has just about everything that is considered as a skateboarder’s paradise, with the right combination on both indoor, outdoor as well as a beginner’s area for those who want to try out skateparks and vert skateboarding. And as an added bonus, the skatepark also features a fully stocked arcade area with the latest games available.

Another place to hang out is the 28th And B Skatepark in Sacramento California, where the structure resembles a large warehouse. Resident pro skater Matt Rodriguez is also there to teach the basics of skateboarding for minors.

Mission Valley Ymca Krause Family Skatepark is also a perfect place for skateboarders when it comes to the ease and size of the outdoor park. Complete with both concrete as well as vert skateboarding, there would be enough space to explore the area as well as a street areas and beginner’s areas and costs about $10 for a 3 hour session.

Even Florida has its fair share of skateparks that have attracted quite a following, considering that skateboarding was also big in Florida even back in the 70s. Among such parks is the Kona Skatepark in Jacksonville, Florida, where a mix of both street area, verts as well as the concrete park itself. Rates and fees are reasonable enough, while members pay a dollar on Sundays.

These are among the few skateparks located in both ends of the country. There are many more to go, depending on the State as well as the city. Though a few low-income neighborhoods may have a skatepark thanks to Tony Hawk’s foundation, it seems that skateparks have become a necessary thing in American life and skateboarders all around.