California Houseboating

Places to Houseboat in California

California has many lakes that offer houseboat rentals for families, businesses or private parties. The beautiful weather and unique atmosphere makes these lakes some of the best in the United States. At these lakes there are many activities and lots of coastline to keep you busy even after a few days. Here are some of the best lakes in California to rent a houseboat.

The most popular lake of the western states is located in northern California. It is called Lake Shasta, which is formed by Sacramento, McCloud, Squaw and Pit Rivers, which is held back by the Shasta Dam. Lake Shasta has about 370 miles of shoreline made up of red dirt and granite. The air temperature can be quite warm during the summer months, so the sandy beaches become rather relaxing. While on your houseboat you can explore the beautiful coastline where no vehicles have access to. Many shores are secluded and peaceful in case you would like to dock and take a ride on your bike or hike along the water. Lake Shasta is a beautiful lake to rent a houseboat.

If fishing is your idea of fun, then renting a houseboat on Lake McClure will be your dream come true. There is always something biting at this gorgeous lake. Some of the different types of fish include trout, black bass, spotted bass, crappie, catfish and bluegill. While you are fishing you will also be able to see the beautiful rocky cliffs and foothills of the Sierra Mountains. Be sure to have your camera close because there is a lot of wildlife nearby. Keep your eyes to the sky in order to see some of the biggest and most fascinating birds in this area. Eagles, hawks, and heron are some of the most widely seen on this lake. You will love to adventure the secluded coves that Lake McClure has to offer. Since you will be on a boat, you have the only access to these areas. Most of these inlets are not accessible by vehicle! Renting a houseboat on Lake McClure could be the best vacation ever.

If you want to see beautiful views without the large crowds, then perhaps Lake Don Pedro would be the right one for you. It is located on the foothills of the Sierra-Nevada Mountains. Seeing the distant mountains can be one of the most beautiful sights. The dirt is red so it contracts brilliantly with the blue waters. There are sandy beaches for those that love to soak in the warm sun. It gets rather warm at Lake Don Pedro with summer air temperatures high into the 90s. Enjoy riding around this lake on your houseboat without having to fight for a unique spot. There is over 150 miles of coastline for you to explore. As you are riding around on your rental houseboat make sure you try your luck at fishing. This lake is great for fishing many types of fish including bass, trout, salmon, crappie, catfish, and bluegill. There is something for everyone at Lake Don Pedro.

If you are thinking about renting a houseboat, why not in sunny California. California boasts some of the nicest weather and beautiful views. You and your family will have the time of their lives.