Cafe Barriers or Café Banners are both Barriers and Banners

Café Barriers, Café Banners and Restaurant Banners all mean screen systems that can be used to mark off boundaries. They are most commonly used in outside areas attached to restaurants, nightclubs and other such places. Patrons who prefer to eat or drink outside the confined areas inside can thus use the outside areas.

One great advantage of these screen systems is that they can be produced in a customized way to meet any special requirements. These barriers can, for example, keep children, and non-paying patrons from wandering away unnoticed from open areas. They can also be used in non-café settings; in fact any place that needs to be marked off, inside or outside buildings, can used these barriers.

Another great advantage of these barriers is that they can display ad messages in a natural setting. A restaurant can display any special dishes for the day and other places can announce their special offers at these high visibility media. Patrons will not only notice these as they are relaxing with their drinks, and messages conveyed to relaxed patrons have far greater impact and response.

Café barriers can came in fixed or portable systems. Different alternatives are available for displaying sales messages on these systems. They can be displayed on canvas awning materials that match the awnings presently used, or on aertex or PVC plastic that can accommodate digital printing. The solid plastic material can withstand breezy conditions without affecting the sales message that con include complex artwork.

The barrier systems can combine aesthetics with sturdiness. Supporting poles are often powder coated steel, with a stainless steel top box. The top bars made of aluminum can support the weight of customers leaning on the barriers. A self-adjusting screen mounting system makes it not only easy to deploy but also add to the fit and aesthetics.

The barriers can also be customized to enhance the effectiveness of the sales or brand-building messages displayed on them. Large format displays that are visible from a distance are possible on these large screens. Anti-glare displays can ensure easy reading, unaffected by UV rays. They also come in formats tailor made for ad displays, e.g. A-Frames that can be located near the cash counters attracting the attention of customers waiting in the checkout queue.

A careful examination of the possibilities can open up excellent ad opportunities at all areas around the establishment. High-visibility messages placed at just the right places can considerably improve the responses. Announce your special offers near the aisles as the customers shop; announce forthcoming events at the exit points; and so on. Exploit the full potential of the café barrier media to promote your business.

The ad messages displayed in the outside, public areas are visible not only to patrons but also passers-by such as pedestrians and motorists. They have thus the potential to attract new patrons, provided the message is right.

As an incidental benefit, the barriers keep outsiders from easily entering the eating or drinking area and making off with valuables when their owners are not looking out.

The café barriers are thus something that offers several benefits to business establishments. And their utility is enhanced by their flexibility, such as portability and custom forms.