Cabbage Patch Collectible Dolls

Cabbage Patch Collectible Dolls: The Mystery Behind its Stardom

Cute and adorable may be the best words to describe why the Cabbage Patch became collectible dolls.

The Cabbage Patch Kids are stars on their own rights with the admiration of fans and supporters, with their achievements and some gossips and intrigues they have been through, signs that only prove that this line of dolls have arrived from way back its humble beginnings.

The History
In 1978, Xavier Roberts created the Cabbage Patch Kids dolls for voodoo purposes. The dolls were originally marketed on witchcraft stores. Roberts first named the line “Little People” and produced them at an old clinic that he converted into showroom, in Cleveland, Georgia called the Babyland General Hospital.

It has become a hit, not only the dolls but even the idea of the place being the “birthing place” for the dolls, their nursery and adoption center. Babyland General Hospital became a tourist attraction during that time.

In 1982, the toy manufacturer Coleco began mass producing the dolls. They changed its name from Little People to the Cabbage Patch Kids. This was when it started to hit it really big. Every child wants to have one. It even became a must-have toy every holiday season. The line has become so big that they even got to travel with the NASA Space Shuttle in 1985.

Adding to its popularity, in 1992, the Cabbage Patch Kids became the official mascot in the US Olympic team. And in 1999, it has become part of the 15 designs of US postal stamps commemorating the 1980s.

When Coleco declared bankruptcy, the Cabbage Patch Kids were then mass produced by other known toy companies like Toys R Us, Mattel, Hasbro and Play Along.

Other Versions
Through time, the Cabbage Patch kids have evolved. Different versions have come up to the sheer enjoyment of the kids who want to play with such and the adults who collect the line.

Danbury Mint offers mail delivery right into your doorstep of the porcelain versions of the Cabbage Patch Kids. The prices for this type range from $54 to $125.

There is also the talking Cabbage Patch Kids. These dolls are equipped with sensors and microchips which enables the dolls to communicate with other dolls of the same type with the limited vocabulary that they were set up with.

Although this is also a collectible piece, it is not as successful as the silent versions due to its higher price that limited people can afford. And kids, even some adults get spooked with the idea that the dolls are actually talking with one another. This may be a high-tech feat but sadly, didn’t enjoy as much fame.

The Cabbage Patch Kids’ stardom didn’t come easily. They have gone through many controversies and hoaxes. One famous urban legend about it is that there was a time when the owners would bring the dolls to the manufacturer for repair and the dolls would actually be sentenced death certificate. It was also said that these dolls were created so that people would get used to seeing mutated babies that may be caused by the Nuclear War’s aftermath.

But none of the said controversies were proven. And until now, Cabbage Patch Collectible Dolls is still around. And as long as there are children who want to play with such, this type will stay in the market for quite a while.