Buying Your 1st Orion Telescope

With so many astronomy telescope companies on the market, we need to make sure we buy a astronomy telescope which meets our needs. First step to choosing a astronomy telescope, is to look at what we want to achieve with the astronomy telescope. This is crucial as it will allow us to buy the best astronomy telescope for our needs.

Some questions to consider, whether buying a Orion astronomy telescope to look at stars or any other astronomy telescope brands:
* Do you want to explore deep space objects such as galaxies and nebula?
* Do you simply want the astronomy telescope for show?
* How much space do your really have to hold the astronomy telescope?
* What is your budget for buying a astronomy telescope?
* Do you only want to look at the moon and planets within our solar system?

These questions help you to look deeper into what you want out of the astronomy telescope. After all NASA’s need for a astronomy telescope, is different than our needs.

::: How To Buy A Space telescope :::
Orion telescopes come in many different models, and types. So it is best to look at would you prefer your Orion telescopes to simply be able to look at local objects, such as planets and the moon or would you want to look at deep space objects. This is crucial as most cheaper astronomy telescope models may not be up to the job of being able to view distant nebula.

I have found that Orion refracting planet telescopes are great to hold as show planet telescopes, where you have a great design, and want it to complement your home. A refracting astronomy telescope also is great for looking at the planets in our solar system, and the moon.

For deep space objects, my astronomy telescope of choice is reflecting Orion telescopes. These planet telescopes house a mirror, and are great for deep space astronomy. How a Orion reflecting astronomy telescope works, is by having light bounce off a mirror at the back of the astronomy telescope, then beam back up the tube to meet a mirror, which reflects the light to the side of the tube, where the eyepiece is.

The mirror size on a reflecting astronomy telescope is what determines the power of the astronomy telescope, and how far you can see. Many people new to astronomy think that magnification is key to a astronomy telescope, however that is not the case. You can magnify any object in the sky to a large amount, however, whether you can see any detail is a different matter. So, if you find a camera shop or normal consumer electrical shops trying to sell you a astronomy telescope based on its magnification, look elsewhere!

I like Orion planet telescopes as they are made for people who want the astronomy telescope to do what they want. The Orion astronomy telescope is competitively priced, and has good features. The tripod of the Orion astronomy telescope are a key ingredient in having a great time viewing the heavens. And Orion astronomy telescopes provide a stable tripod.

Orion telescopes are not as popular as Meade telescopes, however, I have found that you can get a better astronomy telescope for the same price as a Meade astronomy telescope. If you want a astronomy telescope to provide you breathtaking views of the heavens, then a Orion astronomy telescope may be what you are looking for.