Buying Winter Tires for Your Mazda

If you live within the ‘snow belt’ such as in New York, the benefits of using specific winter tires far outweigh the difficulties of trying to drive without them. By talking to your nearby Mazda dealer, they will be able to provide you with the full scope of information you need to make the right winter tire purchase.

Winter tires can provide you with more safety than seasonal tires when trying to drive on icy roads and through snowstorms. These tires are made from a higher quality rubber that helps to improve the grip of the tire and provide better traction for your car when driving on unpredictable surfaces. Freezing rain and snow, as well as ice and slush can all make for hazardous and slippery driving.

Making a tire purchase doesn’t have to be complicated. There are a few considerations to first take into account when deciding if you truly need winter tires for your vehicle. The first concern is the tread design and the compound of the tire. If you have an all-season tire with a regular tread, it may not be enough. Most winter tires are made with specialized tread designs and compounds to help provide superior traction, resulting in an improved braking performance at shorter stopping distances on slippery surfaces.

The road conditions that you will encounter every day should be another factor. If you are driving around sharp corners or up many hills every day, then you will definitely want a set of winter tires. Having the winter ready control and traction of these tires can allow you to safely maneuver these hazards when you are driving in poor conditions such as ice and snow.

Keep in mind also that the turning abilities of your car, as well as its starting and stopping capabilities, can greatly affect how it will perform when driving in hazardous conditions. The limits of the vehicle itself will help you to determine the amount of traction that you will need on the tires to be able to safely maneuver on an icy road or snowy surface.

If you live in an area where you need to drive through challenging winter conditions, all-season tires will provide you with some amount traction in slippery or snowy conditions. However, the enhanced traction and grip that is provided by a winter tire can provide not only a safer, but also more comfortable winter driving experience.

Purchasing winter tires for use during the cold season is not only a good investment for your vehicle, but ultimately it’s an investment in your safety as well as the safety of others around you.