Buying the Right Towels and Bathrobes

Bathroom linen is not something to be overlooked when buying linen for the rest of your hotel or home. The bathroom is considered to be an intimate area, and so you want your guests’ stay to be as comfortable as possible.

For those whose budgets can stretch, pure Egyptian cotton towels are the optimum choice. This provides the best kind of absorbency, whilst retaining a softness that your skin will appreciate.

If luxury is what you seek to provide, also make sure the gsm (grams per square metre) is quite high. About 665 gsm is considered to be top-end.

However, if your budget won’t allow, going for a lower gsm will help to lower the price. If you’re unsure what sort of gsm to aim for, ask for a sample so you can feel the towels for yourself. There are also other kinds of cotton to choose from which can help to further reduce spend.

White tends to be the colour of choice, as it suits all décors and helps the user to feel as clean and pampered as possible. There is a practical reason as well, as coloured towels will fade over time meaning you may have to replace your range of towels sooner than you’d like. You may choose to dye the towels again, however there is the risk of the colour running. White towels may also lose their brightness over time, however it is easier to treat this by bleaching, for example.

Of course, you’re not limited to white. If your décor is vibrant, and you find a coloured towel to compliment, then there’s no reason not to use a more interesting range of towels.

Make sure you have the correct sizing to give your guest the most choice to suit their needs. Bath sheets tend to be slightly bigger than the average towel, and allow the user to be enveloped in the towel. Thus they are great for coverage and are best suited for taller people. Typical bath towels don’t have as much coverage as bath sheets but are a bit more manageable, especially for kids.

Don’t forget hand towels, and make sure there are spares available should they need changing.

Bathrobes, although not essential, are a nice option. They help your guests feel pampered, and they can also act as great souvenirs and keep-sakes, why not add your embroidered logo? Branded bathrobes may help to keep your business in the mind of your customer!

Once you’ve decided on the range of towels that you like, ensure that you take good care of them. If you run a hotel or B&B, it would be a good idea to keep surplus towels at hand not only for your guests, but this will also reduce the number of washes each towel goes through. This will help keep your towels fluffy and bright for longer.