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Things to Consider When Buying Electric Bike

Electric bike.jpegMelbourne is the capital of Victoria in Australia and is home to more than 1 million people. Melbourne is the financial centre of Victoria, dominating the economic situation of the state. Although Melbourne has unpredictable weather, it is a popular destination for all kinds of travellers. This includes bicyclists who are transitioning to using electric bikes in Melbourne, as an alternative to their traditional bikes.

How Do Electric Bikes Run?

Electric bikes are conventional types of bicycles that come with an electric motor and rechargeable battery to help the cyclist move along. Fundamentally, an electric bike removes a lot of effort in pedalling and the strain in the overall riding experience. No matter if you are someone who is seeking additional support once in a while, new to the cycling world, or a returning biker, the right e-bike can open up a whole new world of adventure for you.

Electric bikes are a means of transportation and certainly not toys. Regardless of the riding system, the quality of the electric bike is essential,  and more essential if you intend to use it on a regular basis. If you are unfamiliar with e-bikes, gauging the quality of the batteries and motors can be challenging. But, you can always research the different brands of batteries and motors.

On the other hand, the quality of bicycle components is quite easy to gauge by checking the listing of bike parts. Keep in mind that tuning and setting them up correctly will aid the longevity of components and how the bike will perform.

Types of Electric Bikes

The popularity of electric bikes has increased rapidly in the last few years. More and more bike riders are going electric, such as road cyclists and mountain riders who want a bit of support and assistance along the way. There are e-gravel bikes, e-road bikes, electric urban bikes, e-mountain bikes, folding e-bikes, etc.

You can also find city electric bikes that feature a step-through frame that makes getting on the bike much easier. This is due to the absence of a top tube or a dipping one. There are also electric cargo bikes that come with storage compartments, a comfortable seating position, and flat handlebars.

The cost of the electric bicycle depends on several factors, including:

  • The frame material
  • The mechanical parts, which are the non-motorized components
  • The battery capacity (with extra battery)
  • The motor specification
  • The manufacturer reputation

Where is the Placement of the Motor?

The placement of the motor on an electric bike can be on the cranks, the back wheel, or on the front wheel. The distribution of motor weight is an important factor here. What makes an e-bike more stable is the weight distribution, which is crucial for mountain bikes and road bikes. Many higher-spec electric bikes have a quieter motor.

What Are Your Preferences and Needs?

The different designs and features of e-bikes cater to different purposes and riders. Look for a step-through frame if you are looking for comfort while cycling. If you often ride long distances, choose an electric bike with power over 400 watt-hours. If you are into hill-climbing, a high torque hub motor or middle motor system is suitable for you. Identifying your tastes and needs can help you select the appropriate features that you should look for on your bike.

As electric technology is advancing rapidly, electric bikes have become a familiar sight on the roads. Using one gives you an opportunity to ride a bike in a healthier and cleaner way. This is your ideal transportation when you want a boost in fighting headwinds, climbing hills, long-distance riding, or for a commute. So if you feel like buying one, just visit a shop selling electric bikes in Melbourne, and remember this information when you buy.

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