Buying DVDs through Online Auctions

Online Auctions Are Great For Building Movie Collections

You’ve found the perfect big screen television. The surround sound’s been hooked up. The furniture’s on order. What now?

DVDs of course!

Creating a DVD collection that’s worth calling a collection can be an expensive undertaking however. Running for about $20 a pop, not including special editions and box sets, DVDs can be a bit costly to begin collecting.

Smart collectors flesh out their movie offerings by shopping online auction sites. With thousands of sellers offering movies of all genres at retail and below, this is one of the best options for creating a collection that inspires awe.

Auction sellers offer both new and used DVDs, hard to find titles and more. The choices are absolutely fantastic and include everything a rental store might and beyond. Smart buyers can even find deals at half retail prices or less.

DVD titles available at auction cover the gamut of genres. Here are some of the typical subject areas that can be found online and that would help round out a good collection:

* Classics. The old black and whites redone on DVD. What collection is complete without Bogart and Grant?
* Drama. From “Indiana Jones” to “Saving Private Ryan” and beyond, all the big titles in drama can be found online. Boxed sets, special editions and director’s cuts can all be had, as well.
* Comedy. With everything from old Steve Martin to recent titles, comedy is king online.
* Horror. From old time Dracula to “Halloween” and beyond. Horror’s a mainstay of a good movie collection.
* Foreign titles. Online auction sites are great places to get your hands on titles made for other countries. Just be certain your DVD player can handle the format.

Movie collectors looking to transform a room into a home theater will also find the online auction sites really help them round out the experience. Offering everything from furniture that’s comfortable to snuggle up on to catch a flick to the big screen televisions themselves, these sites are great. Plus, the decorator flare can really come out while making a home theater. To complete the scene, these sites even offer lots of movie memorabilia that’s just right for framing and displaying.

From the soft lights to the television and the DVDs, online auction sites are a movie lover’s paradise. Providing more titles than a single store could ever hope to, movie fans find lots of choices through auctions.