Buying Duvets for Hotels and B&Bs

Buying a duvet is difficult enough when it’s just for yourself. Such is the confusion around the infamous TOG rating it’s even become the material for a comedy routine. The Welsh comic Rhod Gilbert joked about how he was asked in a shop:

“What TOG rating do you want?”
He said, “What what?”
She said, “What TOG?”
He said, “What what?”
She said, “What TOG?”

He said “I can hear you I just don’t know what the hell you’re talking about, what is a TOG, when I went to school we did metric, we did feet and inches, nobody ever mentioned TOGs.”

So when you’re buying a duvet for other people to use, it’s understandable to feel as confused. This article will take a look at what you need to know and briefly explore the world of the TOGs.

Duvets are sized according to the bed size. If the correct duvet is bought for the specific bed there should still be an overhang. As a guide these are the approximate sizes you can choose from:

Single: 140cm by 200cm
Double: 200cm by 200cm
King: 225cm by 225cm
Super King: 250cm by 220cm

A useful idea to create a sense of comfort and cosiness is to scale up the size of the duvet from the bed, so if it’s for a double bed you buy a king-size duvet. This will ensure guests feel cosy, no matter how much they move in their sleep.

This stands for ‘Thermal Overall Grade’ and it measures the amount of heat a duvet can hold – its thermal resistance. As a rough guide:

for warm weather: less than 5 TOG
for changing weather: 5 to 10 TOG
for cold weather: more than 10 TOG

Keeping a stock of duvets for specific weather or room temperature will allow guests to make a choice for their comfort.

Natural fillings are feather and ‘down’. Down is the part under the birds’ feathers that keeps it warm even in very cold weather, but cooler in hot weather. This function is borrowed in duvets to the same effect. This filling tends to be more expensive though.

Hollofibre‘ is cheaper than down and is non-allergenic.
Microfibre‘ is also a man-made fibre, but it feels more like down and has the non-allergenic qualities of hollofibre.

In a hotel environment it can be useful to stock duvets that are more durable and resistant to liquids, particularly in family rooms where children will sleep. ‘Aquapore’ duvets have a waterproof wipe-clean polypropylene cover.

Cotton covers provide a feeling of quality, but polyester-cotton mixes can be more durable in a hotel environment, where there is likely to be heavy usage of single-night stays.

Flame Retardant Duvets
This is of particular interest to the hotel industry. Appropriate duvets should be marked as conforming to British Standard (BS) 7175 Source 2 or 5.